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Cap sac ceremony of the Dao ethnic minority

Cap sac ceremony of the Dao ethnic minority08:54:14 | 05-12-2016

The most important ceremony of a Dao ethnic man in his life is an identity level ceremony or called the mature rites. This ceremony is to report to the ancestors and the supreme beings of the family. 

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The wedding of Red Dao people

The wedding of Red Dao people08:16:15 | 05-12-2016

The Red Dao in Lao Cai have very strict regulations which become principles in marriage. Basing on regulations, the order of middle names of each family, members in the community are aware of these relationships and they can not marry in the first nine generations. 

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Pan-pipes of Hmong people

Pan-pipes of Hmong people08:51:17 | 05-12-2016

A pan-pipes is a specific musical instrument which associates to many in the spiritual activities of the Mong ethnic minority. The pan-pipes’s structure consists of these parts: 

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The Tay’s house

The Tay’s house08:18:17 | 05-12-2016

Tay has three types of house: stilt house, house with soil foundation and stilt house having the first floor with soil foundation of which the stilt house is the most popular and traditional style. 

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“Kidnapping a wife” of the Hmong

“Kidnapping a wife” of the Hmong01:27:59 | 07-12-2016

“Kidnapping a wife” of the Hmong

“Wife kidnapping” is called wife robbing in some places and named “Hai pu” in Hmong language.

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