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Muong Hum Cultural Market

Muong Hum Cultural Market08:12:40 | 05-12-2016

Muong Hum is a communal center of the Northwest highlands of Bat Xat District, this is considered the capital of economic exchanges, the culture of Hmong, Dao, Giay, Ha Nhi …ethnic minorities, where the market was taken place on Sunday every week. The market has become the indispensable cultural activities in the local people’s life here.

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Long Tong Festival Of Tay Ethnic Minirity In Ban Ho village

Long Tong Festival Of Tay Ethnic Minirity In Ban Ho village02:47:55 | 03-11-2016

Long Tong festival is usually called “ going to the field” is one of the most importance festival in a year of Tay ethnic minority which consist of most typical culture features of Tay, Nung groups. The festival is held on the beginning of January (Luanar calender), lasting until the beginning of February (Lunar calender). This is the belief activity showing a wish of good weather. Plant,crop and life

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Musical instruments and traditional cultures of Red Dao people

Musical instruments and traditional cultures of Red Dao people01:49:41 | 19-10-2016

Answer songs: Over the last few decades, from communes to the Phien market in the town, people had to follow the trails takes a whole day, therefore they had to be at SaPa from Saturday afternoon for trading at the market on Sunday morning and return their home within that day. Dao boys and girls usually each other on Saturday night. At sunset, along the streets, in market, boys and girls are divided into two factons to sing the answer songs.

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Rattan Bridge in Sapa

Rattan Bridge in Sapa09:15:36 | 12-10-2016

“Sapa- Silver water fall- Rattan bridge” The first sentence of any visitor when coming to Sapa. Rattan bridge seems to be the most important place to visit tin Sapa because of its specialization, it’s aperfect creation of local people who live along Muong Hoa valley, about 17km away from center of Sapa town to the Southeast.

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Ta Phin Monastery

Ta Phin Monastery09:25:36 | 12-10-2016

At the end of 1941, twelve nuns belonging to the congregation of devout Reformed  Cristercians “ whose only purpose was prayer and penitence” were driven out of Japan. Eight of them as well as the prior wanted to stay in Asia. The French ambassador in Japan wrote to Bishop of Hung Hoa asking that they could be welcomed to Viet Nam.

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