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Fire Jumping Festival of Red Dao Ethnic in Nam Det Village03:49:38 | 21-11-2016 | Directory: Culture & Heritage

Fire Jumping Festival is called by Put Tong (Dao’s language), usually held from the beginning of the lunar year to 15th of January. This is the traditional ritual of some ethnic minority in Northwestern, include Red Dao ethnic  in Nam Det village (Bac Ha), meaning to expel ghost, pray for good luck, happiness, fortune, talent, good weather, good harvest…

Joining Fire Jumping Festival are young men over 12 years old (Students)

Fire Jumping Festival is organized by Nam Det 2 years for 1 time

Fire Jumping Festival is the traditional ritual of the Red Dao, usually held on the beginning of the lunar year in household. This is the fifth Fire Jumping Festival is held by Nam Det village

The bare foots are  jumping into embers

…to show courage and resilience

…... under  the admiring, admiration of many viewers

The foot is not burned, blistered when jumping into the embers

After jumping, teacher and students will jump 36 movements to thanks Spirit

The uniqueness of Fire Jumping Festival in Nam Det village is creative source for artists.

Nguyen Thanh Ngan - TIPC Lao Cai

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