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Hoang A Tuong palace08:50:06 | 05-12-2016 | Directory: Culture & Heritage

Hoang A Tuong palace is located in the centre of Bac Ha district. It was constructed from 1914 until 1921 by the family of Hoang Yen Chao, of  theTayin the group – the father of Hoang A Tuong (the heir) becoming the name of this heritage later.


Hoang A Tuong palace is in harmony between Asian and European style. The platform is in closed rectangular form. The building consists of: main house (420m2) with arched doors and the two side houses reserving for family Hoang Yen Chao and the officers. Behind, twoauxiliaryhousesoftwostages are used for storage and for soldiers and servants. By history, this building is still protected and preserved. In 1999, the Ministry of Culture and Information (now call Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism) has classified the building as “The national heritage of architectural art of Hoang A Tuong”. Today, this palace is maintained and becomes a major destination in the itinerary to Bac Ha region.

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