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Pha Long market on every Saturday morning (Muong Khuong district)02:36:13 | 17-11-2016 | Directory: Culture & Heritage

There is a fair market located 100km from Sapa to the northeast. It was such an unexplored gem with facile climate, spectacular natural scenery and friendly local people. And I will tell you about the Pha Long fair market

Pha Long commune is a border area of Muong Khuong district ( Lao Cai province). Coming to Pha Long takes 2 hours by road from Lao Cai city (74kilometers) and 3 hours from Sapa (100 kilometers). It’s famous not only by Gau Tao festival but also by the rustic and characterized highlands Pha Long market.

In Hmong language, Pha Long is “Hoa Lung”, it means big dragon, big market. Perhaps of the market in this area that it has a name like that. Pha Long market today still retains many of its unique characteristics. Every Saturday morning, local people from Hmong, Zao, Lo Lo, Pa Zi, Tu Zi, Tu Lao from Pha Long, Din Chin, Ta Ngai Cho, Ta Gia Khau gather here to meeting and exchange goods. It’s especially lively at the end of year and in the new year.

Early in the morning, the little ones go with their bag on their back, with their horses on their hand or riding their old bicycle on the dirt road to the market area. Everyone welcomes a crowded weekened markets creates a vivid and brilliant picture.

A corner of Pha Long market. (Source: Internet)

Pha Long market is divided into different frames like cusine, sale of agricultural tools, sale of clothing,… You can by many highland specialties here, such as Seng Gu rice, seven colors rice, special spicy chili sauce Muong Khuong,…

The colorful traditional clothes of ethnic minorities combining with the beautiful color of mountains and forest will attract any tourists who come here. Coming to market is a traditional habit and a beauty of cultural in the life of people here.

An elder native with her speciality. (Source: Internet)

Attending the market, it is quite easy to realize that many peoples at the market know one another well because the population of the region is small and relationship among the people is strong maintained. The market is often over around noon, and it is a great experience to follow some local to their village near by for an interesting discovery of local culture and living way. The market surrounding area offers a breathtaking scenery of the mountain terrain featuring with lush forest.

If you want to come to rural and casual life, Pha Long market will be a can’t-missed destination  in this summer.

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