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The rich traditional handicrafts07:10:28 | 20-12-2016 | Directory: Culture & Heritage

       The clothing trade, knitting, manipulated the productions are made of wood or metal, jewelry, ceramics ... still remain in some places of the province.


The Weaving: Weaving hemp, flax, cotton and natural silk color.

          The Tay people planting the cotton to weave the traditonal dowry blankets. The Hmong people planting the flax, use the fibre for dye the indigo color to weaving the clothing. The peoples here still breeding the silkworm to get the silk  weaving the fabric. The Hmong and Dao woman have created the authentic paintings through their skilful embroidery hands. The guests can find the traditional textiles and fibre at the markets in Bac Ha and SaPa.

The knitting handicraft:

Rattan and bamboo are the needed materials for knit the objects.

Each ethnic minority in each region has individual pattern decorated and knitting technique. The products of theTaypeople often have the square with flowers pattern. To make the knit thing stronger, they usually hang up on the kitchen, are smoked they will be stronger.

Người Hmông và người Dao cũng nổi tiếng với những chế tác trang sức bằng bạc tinh xảo. 

The handicrafts: The carpentry, forging, silver jewelry manipulating ... has not been widely disseminated.

Thanks to the talented and skilful of the carpenters, the wood carver that the building houses, furniture and other objects still exist in some places of the province.

The Po Mu wood is the most has been used for this job because of strength, not rotten. Although the industrial products are available on sale everywhere but all the ethnic groups here still prefer to use a knife was made by the Hmong people, because the quality is very good.

The Hmong people and Dao also well-known for the skilful silver jewelry manipulating.

Making the incense (incense).

Normally, in each Lao Cai ethnic groups have made a private special incense. TheTaypeople in Van Ban use the powdered cinnamon cover in bark powder for the brown incense, sweet taste and fragrance. The Pa Di people in Muong Khuong was made the incense has the light green color, has pungent made from the wild leaves. The Hmong people in Bac Ha have collected the bark to made the incense has the lipstick red color, has pungent smell.

Phan Thanh Nhan - TIPC Lao Cai

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