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Thien Sinh Bridge (Y Ty, Bat Xat, Lao Cai) – A sight seeing in national frontier.08:03:23 | 19-11-2016 | Directory: Culture & Heritage

There is a scenic stop at the border, where along the way you will admire the villages of ethnic minorities, clouds majestic scenery and listen to the story of our country to the cause of security frontier defense. It's Thien Sinh Bridge at Y Ty which located 70 kilometers from Sapa and 77 kilometers from Lao Cai city.

Thien Sinh bridge marks the border between the two neighboring nations brothers Vietnam – China.

The bridge is located at the end of Lao Chai village, 10kilometers from Y Ty commune center. It also known as Thien San Shu in Ha Nhi ethnic language, which means “born by God”. The bridge used to very short,approximate 1meter. It was just a natural stone bridge spanning the ravine Lung Po. After a long time of geological movement, the stone is can not spaning the ravine, so they built a wooden bridge and after that is a concrete bridge. Looking down the ravine from the bridge, hundred meters of cliffs are abrasived  by water. It has made many exotic types of stone. The waterfall is called Lung Po – Father Daragon (in Chinese is Hong Yan He) maybe because of that strange shape of the waterfall.

The 87th (2) border maker in Vietnam. (Source: Internet)

If you come here, you can admire the 87th (2) border marker of Vietnam and the 87th (1) of China. It’s made from granite and plug on 31st May, 2006. Although Thien Sinh bridge is a tourist attractions, visitors should follow the guidance of border guard at the sights. You should not across the border and photographed indiscriminately. You ought to follow some requirements of the solider if it’s necessery.

Thien Sinh Bridge before. (Source: Internet)

Exploring Thien Sinh bridge and listening to the stories of the border guards here will certainly be a memorable experience with you!

Y Ty is located at an altitude of 2000 meters, leaning on the Nhiu Co San Moutains which mostly are covered by clouds in a whole year. They are said that Y Ty is a missing paradise in Vietnam. In recent years, it’s becoming very popular with tourists. Y Ty has not only

... wild beauty

unique life with mushroom-shaped Trinh Tuong’s house but also specialties such as ...

the Sim San wine...

So what are you waiting for? Thien Sinh Bridge and Y Ty commune is waiting for you to contemplate.

Terraced fields in Y Ty.

Bui Thai Ha - TIPC Lao Cai

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