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The typhoon No. 3 has affected to many provinces in the North of Vietnam. Last night it was heavy of rainfalls in Lao Cai territory and created flooding from rivers and streams. We recommend you and people who want to move around this area have tobe careful of this time from landslides and flash floods irregularities. We also recommend you should consider reasonably before leaving to work or traveling.

 In Sa Pa many roads were stucked by flooding, and right now the road and trekking from Sa Pa town to Lao Chải - Tả Van are very dangerours for treveling. During few days of heavy rains, You shouldn’t do hiking from slipery and muddy. It’s also dangerous from lanslides as well.

For the tour to get to villages that crossing a stream, waterfall and you should get it away. On small rivers or chanels would be happen whenever from floods and lanslides. If unfortunately you were isolated in the flood area, you should find a safe of rain shelter, seek any help of local people and the authorities should not arbitrarily crossed rivers, it made you flowing away and drown easily.

 If you went to the tourist sites in Lao Cai, you should stay and visit at a save point that the local government allowing for any permisions. You also should come to the Center of Information and Promotion of Tourism of Lao Cai, at 02, Fansipan, Sapa town, Lao Cai Visitors will be get necessary informations of staff’s recommendation. and get free advices for a safe trip. Alternatively you can call the number 0203 871 975 to be provided free information.


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Tran Thanh Tuan - TIPC Lao Cai

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