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The Sat bamboo shoot – The delicious food of the mountain and forests02:18:46 | 07-08-2016 | Directory: What to eat?

When the day of cold, biting wind and dried up through away, the spring rains come to irrigate the trees, fields, fields in the mountains. The forest land becomes soft and spongy, the weather begins to warm up. The Sat bamboo shoot forest (the tree which are relating to the bamboo, small body very straight) Lao Cai as awakening after a long sleep: fresh and energetic. A few days later, the Sat bamboo shoots are full of springing simultaneously, nipping in the bud. The Lao Cai Sat bamboo shoot are enter the season.


The Sat bamboo shoot are growing up like forest, the most in Van Ban District, Sa Pa or in some communes of Bac Ha, Simacai, ... by the households regeneration and protection. At the season, the local people selling the Sat bamboo shoot at the Van Ban market, Sapa market, Coc Ly (Bac Ha) market, Can Cau Market (Simacai), ... or we can cacth the food of fried - Sat bamboo shoot in the restaurants. 

The Sat forests are grow up natural and some households grow it become a forest - garden, the Sat bamboo shoots just begin to show a little, sharp, shining skin, green color, rising from the face of the earth, from two to four meters high. Unlike the bitter bamboo shoots, bamboo cane, the Sat bamboo shoots small like a span, soft and soft white. Enclosing is the sweet, it’s soft and smell of the mountains when boiled.The body of it used for fencing or fishing pole. Many other areas, the Sat bamboo shoot season from January to April lunar calendar, but the Sat bamboo shoot season in Lao Cai just two months only from February until April lunar calendar. At the beginning of the season the Sat bamboo shoots are sweet, At the end of the season are bitterness. On the right season, it is very easy to peel, not pungent. 

There are many ways to process the Sat bamboo shoots like: fried, simmer, warm up, cooking with brine, boiled, soup.... But according to the people in Sapa, perhaps most fascinating is the spicy – sour Sat bamboo shoots  food because this food is easy to make and easy to eat with other food toghether, from the dry food to the water food. Fresh bamboo shoots crispy, the sweet taste of sugar, the salty taste of salt, the sour of vinegar and especially is the spicy taste of the hot red pepper.

The Sat bamboo shoot is the special food, strange - looking for tourists and became the forest gifts for guests when come to the mountains for a long time.

Phan Thanh Nhan - TIPC Lao Cai

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