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Wild banana flowers – bright torch of mountains08:13:10 | 06-08-2016 | Directory: What to eat?

Speaking of wild banana flowers, many people have felt the familiar affinity, which are typical of the Northwestern mountains. The wild banana flowers bloom a bright red color when they, and the Northwestern forests  wake up after a long sleep during winter. Among the swathes, sometimes the bright red flowers appear as light sparks of the forests. There are many different kinds of wild banana flower, the first one is bright red and it just used for decoration, the second one  is bright purple and can be processed into food.

Wild banana flowers

Previously, the local people used wild banana flowers daily for traditional food. But now it has become a speciality in many restaurants which serve tourists. Wild banana flower can be processed into a variety of dishes such as: boiled, fried, soup…but perhaps salad is the best for most people. The characteristic taste of wild banana flower salad is crispy wild banana flowers, the smell of aromatic vegetables, the spice of peppers and smell of peanuts …anyone who enjoys it once will want to eat it again! When you taste a piece of salad you can taste frugality, simplicity, and tradition as you silently appreciate the mountain’s gift to the local people.

Not only is the flower an ingredient of the special dishes, it is also many people’s favourite flower. Due to its bright red colour, the wild banana flower has become special for those who collect flowers. Many offices, restaurants, hotels and families choose to decorate with them, showcasing their beauty to the room. If you have any time to visitSaPaor Lào Cai, you will have an opportunity to admire the bright red wild banana flowers as they are sold at the roadside. Especially, don't forget to enjoy wild banana flower salad of local people and certainly you will be impressed forever about this piece of land in this border region. 

Nguyen Thanh Ngan - TIPC Lao Cai

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