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Many French architects living in Indo-China borrowed building techniques and decoration patterns from Vietnamese and...
We feel honoured by your visit and hope that it will be an opportunity for you to better understand our way of life...
The dates of the traditional cultural festivals are based on the lunar calendar, which varies from one year to the next...
Until the 1980s, most of the mountain populations in Vietnam used to produce nearly all their everyday life objects...

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14:44:50 GMT+7 - 18/11/2014

The traditional costume of red Dao people is very special prominent in Hoang Lien mountain by brilliant red headgear. Especially the natural colors from many kind of trees in the forest. Between the green of the Hoang Lien mountain, you can see girls in the traditional costumes of red Dao people look like the beautiful flowers in the forest. Besides the brilliant red color of girls is the black and blue color of indigo on the cotumes of boys. Red and indigo blue mingles with the green of the mountains to create a unique painting.

To create the shimmering picture for the special of red Dao people, it takes along time to make a coplete close. From a white duffle need to dyed  carefully several times to have a special color of indigo. On the dark blue we can embroider the pattern as you like. they use the natural color from many kind of tree in the forest.

A complete costume of Red Dao women includes: shirt, trousers, belt, plastron, hat with jewelries as rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings. In  the festival, people will wear the brand new costume with a new sandal. It make a perfect picture in Hoang Lien mountain.

Especially there are many special symbolic patterns on the costume of red Dao people such as birds; tiger eyes; footprints of dogs, cat, locusts, horse, and bird; the sun; trees;... Red Dao woman seems to bring the breath of the jungle in their costumes by the rich imagination combine with diligence perseverance in every stitch to make a complete costume.

Highlights on the women's costumes are brilliant red of headgear which look like a special hat. It seems brilliant flowers in the forest between black and blue of indigo. Red colour of the headgear bring the warmth and the forest and also reflect the hopeness and wishes for a beautiful life of Red Dao people. the costume of the man is more simple than the woman's, the main color is black and blue of indigo and there aren't too much pattern but the color of indigo bring the power and the energy of the man in the family.

With their tradition, a girl have been teached by their mother how to make a costume for themselves and their family when she was a child. With the patience, diligence and skillful, woman looks like a beautiful flower in Hoang Lien mountain.

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