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Many French architects living in Indo-China borrowed building techniques and decoration patterns from Vietnamese and...
We feel honoured by your visit and hope that it will be an opportunity for you to better understand our way of life...
The dates of the traditional cultural festivals are based on the lunar calendar, which varies from one year to the next...
Until the 1980s, most of the mountain populations in Vietnam used to produce nearly all their everyday life objects...

Ethnic Voyage

Bac Ha Tours:

Regarding "White Plateau", Bac Ha is in the Northern East of Lao Cai with 14 ethnic minority people. It is known as a destination of various cultural markets, festivals and historical vestiges. You will experience original daily life...

Bac Ha Market (Sunday only)
Duration: 1 day / From: $USD 00

On Sunday morning when it is still foggy, in the high mountain sides in Bac Ha, the people with colorful brocade together with their horses come to the market. The market area looks like a flower forest due to the colourful costumes of the women who inhabit this area. The Mong in Bac Ha go to the market not to sell and buy products only, they go there to relax, meet and talk to other people. They also drink wine, eat and exchange information about the crops, cattle breeding and the brocade patterns. The market is also an occasion for the youth to find their partner.

Can Cau market (Saturday only)
Duration: 1 day / From: $USD 00

Although Can Cau is not a big market in the area but it is very beautiful, animated and colourful. The market is open only on Saturday. You will meet there several ethnic minorities such as Flower HMong, Black Dao, Phu La as well as Chinese people. Another highlight is the boat trip along Chay River and a short walk to a Tay village

Sin Cheng market
Duration: 1 day / From: $USD 00

Openned only one times each week from 9.00am to 1.30pm. This market which is in border area is far 40km frorm Bac Ha (in Si Ma Cai district) so just few people know this place. You will be more surprised to enter the market. The whole market looks colorful like flowers. It is getting bigger and bigger, more and more colorful and special when seeing people taking along pigs, cats, buffaloes, horses for sales.

Coc Ly Market
Duration: 1 day / From: $USD 00

Openned on Tues day every week from 8.30am to 1.30pm. It's like other high land markets where the ethnic minorities come to exchange and selling… But the different is the Coc Ly market located far from the big road on the Chay river with an suspension bridge over. You will see wonderful landscape by riversides and explore ethnic villages.

Bac Ha - Thai Giang Pho - Na Lo
Duration: half day / From: $USD 00

Going on foot up and down along the side of 3 child and mother mountain with the height of over 1.400m, you can catch the full fill of Bac Ha town scenery in smog and ethnic minorities villages appear and disappear in the mountain and terraced fields around mountain in the sunlight.

Bac Ha - Ngai Thau - Ban Pho
Duration: 1 day / From: $USD 00

The particular traits of the inhabitants made this place is the land of ethnic minorities, in the small area the tourist can meet many different ethnic minority groups that in Viet Nam only. Everyone can easy to discover charming landscapes of the valey and the villages around Bac Ha town.

Bac Ha - Nam Khanh - Bac Ha
Duration: 2 day / From: $USD 00

Visiting Dzao villages; Talking with them to understand their local daily life, their culture and traditions; Enjoying beautiful landscape and scenery along the trek.

Bac Ha - Nam Mon - Coc Ly - Lao Cai
Duration: 2 day / From: $USD 00

On this trip you will have opportunity to meet several different minorities, such as Mong, Tay, Nung. Even though they live close to each other, the Tay is one of the most advanced minority meanwhile the Mong still maintain the tradition of being nomadic. You will also enjoy beautiful landscape in the valley and the highland market.

Bac Ha - Ta Van Chu - Can Cau - Bac Ha
Duration: 2 day / From: $USD 00

Whole day trekking follow the buffalo trails, visitting the hospitality villagers of Flower H'mong tribe at Lau Thi Ngai, passing schools with scenic views , picnic lunch on the way and dinner at the homestay of Ta Van Chu. O/n in the tradition house of Flower H'mong people.

Bac Ha - Nam Khanh - Ban Lien - Na Lo - Bac Ha
Duration: 4 day / From: $USD 00

Depart Bac Ha for the trekking at 10:00 AM. Take the main road by jeep/car and go up and down hill to the Black Dao by way of terraced paddy fields and cinnamon forests. Enjoy the natural beauty of stream and bamboo bridge. Trek around 12 km to visit the Black Dao villages (Nam Det). Picnic lunch at the hill’s side.

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