Travelling to Sa Pa in the summer

Sapa at the height of about 1600m sea level with the climate of cool all of year, this is one of the best attractions of this beautiful city. Sapa is very famous for special weather with four seasons in a day. Especially, Coming to Sapa in the Summer to have the most wonderful feeling of special climate.

Summer is the rainy season in the North of Vietnam, but Sapa doesn’t lose its beauty because of rains, it will bring a new romantic when you can see the rain from your window or walk along any street with your friend hand by hand. Sometimes, there is the mist that looks like winter and you can not forget this feeling when finishing your vacation in Sapa. It looks like Hanoi in the Autumn. The daytime temperature usually fluctuates from 20 to 25 degrees Celsius. When the night falls, Sapa seems to be sunk into the silent scene. The temperature is in the range of 15 degrees Celsius to 18 and it has high humidity, so you should bring a jacket to keep yourself warm during your city tour.

Coming to Sapa in the Summer, you won’t waste your time discovering this beautiful city with unique traditional customs of different ethnicities. Making your experience more interesting by trying to spend one, two, or three-day trek with a local guide and spend your time with the homestay of ethnics. You will have a chance to see the most beautiful terraced rice fields in the North of Vietnam, enjoy your meals with local food in their house or any local restaurant. Summer is the season of plenty of specialty fruits in Sapa. In May and June, Ta Van village is very famous for Plum which is extremely ripe, juicy, and sweet.

Photo; Thanh Tuan – Seomyty lake

In early March or April, the road to Sapa is brightly covered with the brilliant beauty of many kinds of flowers. Especially, when you climbing or take the cable car to Fansipan, you will be surprised by the Azalea’s beauty – from the peak. It’s not easy to see in any other area in Vietnam. Even if you walk around the city, you will have a lot of wonderful pictures with roses.

Photo: Thanh Tuan – Rose street

The beauty of Sapa in the Summer is not perfect without mentioning its traditional market. Especially, Love market is the most impressive market attracting a lot of tourists, it is held on every Saturday. But all week you can go to Sapa culture market or walk around the Night market to look for souvenirs or taste some local food.

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