Five Post-Covid Tourism Trends You Must Try In Lao Cai

Before the complicated development of the Covid-19 epidemic, you can refer to some post-Covid travel suggestions in Lao Cai as follows:

Staycation travel trends

You can choose trips with short distances, close to where you live and in 1-2 days with relatives and family.

(Pic 1: Buffalo market in Bac Ha)

For example: From Lao Cai city you can choose a weekend trip with family and relatives. If you like to rest and enjoy the fresh air, you can choose a few homestays in Sa Pa town and neighboring communes of the town center.

On the contrary, Bac Ha market on weekends is also a very reasonable choice for tourists.  You can learn about the culture of indigenous peoples and visit, shop and experience local specialties at here

Isolated resorts

Unspoiled and isolated locations not only bring tranquility but also bring absolute peace of mind as these places often serve a small number of tourists, thereby reducing the risk of disease infection.

You can refer to some isolated resorts such as: Topas Ecolodge, The Mong Village, Cat Cat Hill Resort, …

(Pic 2: Topas Ecolodge resort)

Travel alone or a small group to conquer the peak

Instead of often choosing to go in large groups to experience the adventure together, now many people choose to travel alone or in small groups.

In this way, we can both explore the vast outside world and have unique experiences in our own way.

In Lao Cai, you can sign up alone or in a small group for climbing tours to conquer the peaks such as: Lao Than mount, Ky Quan San, Ngu Chi Son, Fansipan, …. The program usually lasts from 1-2 days with local porter.

(Pic 3: Tourism conquers the top)


This is one of the most typical types of tourism in Lao Cai and the Northwest region in general. Homestay in Lao Cai is gradually improving, changing according to the trends and tastes of tourists.

This place is suitable for ordinary tourists who love to learn and experience the daily life of local ethnic groups and explore the natural landscape.

(Pic 4: Homestay in Lao Cai)

Touchless travel: Modern and safe

Keeping a distance, limiting contact and regularly disinfecting hands are ways to prevent COVID-19 infection that have become a habit of many people.

Touchless travel in the post-COVID-19 period does not only refer to limiting person-to-person contact as well as contact with objects and surfaces. It is travel experiences with automated devices and technologies.

(Pic 5: Diverse application of 4.0 technology in tourism)

Currently, most tourist service providers in Lao Cai province have applied smart technology to business activities such as booking, online check-in, online payment, smart devices. help us not need to touch or touch things but still enjoy the travel service to the fullest.

Based on the suggestions we give, choose a type that suits your needs.

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