Discover O Quy Ho – The Legendary Pass

O Quy Ho is one of the four great peaks of the Northwest pass, if you like the adventure and love to explore, O Quy Ho pass is the best choice. The benefit of going is to adjust your imagination to reality instead of staying at home visualizing everything, so why don’t you try going there to see the real thing by yourself?

About Sapa tourism, you will hear two familiar names: Love Waterfall and O Quy Ho mountain pass. These two places are not coincidentally they are placed close to nature, but then a whole love story touches the heart.

Love Waterfall is a destination in San Sa Ho commune, about 4 km from Sapa town along the 4D highway and about 3 km from O Quy Ho pass. The name “Waterfall of Love” is derived from the legend of the love between the woodcutter O Quy Ho – the eldest son of the mountain god Ai Lao and the seventh goddess. Legend has it that, the seventh female fairy after descending on a waterfall near the pass of bathing and playing around Love Waterfall met the woodcutter Ho and was fascinated by his flute. But her parents and the Jade Emperor forbade and turned her into a Phoenix bird and turned Ho into a turtle lying still on the top of the pass. People through the pass heard the cry of “O Quy Ho” full of resentment and resounding echoes over the pass of the Phoenix bird. So from there they named the pass is O Quy Ho.

Over hundreds years of history, the peak of O Quy Ho pass is still like the sword of a miraculous god. Sometimes passing here you encounter strange weather phenomena, showing the difference between two regions. Lao Cai maybe was warm and sunny, but when you came to Lai Chau province, it was rain. Lai Chau may have gradually sunk into the darkness, while Lao Cai still blushed in the golden sunlight.

(O Quy Ho – one of the 4 great peaks of the Northwest pass)

For those who love to explore, O Quy Ho is the desire to conquer because it is the most winding and rugged pass in the Northwest with the sleeve-shaped bends full of adventure. When stopping at the top of O Quy Ho pass, visitors will see the immense endless of the sky and the Northwest. At the foot of the pass, there are terrace rice fields and winding paths. Halfway up the mountains were floating rivers of white clouds. All make visitors like standing in heaven .

(Visitors between romantic nature)

I crossed O Quy Ho pass by motorbike twice, once during the day and once at sunset. It brings different experience and different feelings. Sunset – The peak of a beautiful moment is the brand of this place, the rays of the end of the day shine down the steep cliffs or weave through the foliage is very fanciful. Stopping on the top of the pass, silent for a while to listen to the sound of the forest, insects and wind or the murmuring streams through the ravine, you can really feel the peace.

(Sunset on the top of the pass)

O Quy Ho pass is like a priceless gift that Nature bestowed on the Northwestern, with the beauty and grandeur of this road that few places have. O Quy Ho, the longest pass route in Vietnam really is a destination that domestic and foreign tourists want to explore.


                                                                                                             Photos and written by  Phuong Chi

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