Sapa – The best choice for holiday on summer

Located at an average altitude of 1600m over sea level, Sapa has a humid subtropical climate, temperate and cool. Especially in summer, cool air mixed with blue color of the Hoang Lien mountains and the magnificent terraced rice fields always brings a sense of tranquility for those travelers who are and will select Sa Pa is the destination for our holiday.

The town of Sapa lies hidden by mountain’s mist and Hoang Lien mountain, so it was warm sunshine in the afternoon and return to this peaceful town a blue sky at noon. Guests won’t be surprised by the weather which will bring cool air of autumn after sunset, so it will be cold as winter cold at night. That is the most special thing of Sapa, you can feel the change of the natural wonders in only one day.

Hotels is designed in European style with many balconies and windows facing the Hoang Lien mountain range, the magnificent terraced rice fields of labor due diligence hands of ethnic minorities where tectonic should or beloved landscapes not very busy street in this small town will certainly give visitors a sense of relaxation in our holiday.

Cuisine here not only attract visitors by unique recipes are combined with special spices ethnic community here, but also attracted the curiosity of tourists exploring ways to pay unique dishes when being mixed with praise dances, music of flute called partners of the boys and girls from ethnic minorities, bearing the traditional culture of ethnic communities on the mountains of Vietnam.

Take yourself to explore and experience the thrill of this will you do? Then you get the truest sense of Sa Pa – “Paradise summer resort”.


                              To Uyen
Tran Thanh Tuan – TIPC Lao Cai

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