The Best Routes In Sapa For A Motorbike Ride

Coming to Sa Pa, visitors can choose to travel in many different forms and means such as cars, bicycles, trekking. However, the motorbike option is still chosen by many domestic and foreign tourists because of its convenience, reasonable cost and time saving. Lao Cai tourism would like to suggest you some routes so that you can experience and discover the most realistic way of Sapa.

O Quy Ho Pass – Ban Khoang Village – Ta Giang Phinh Village 

O Quy Ho is one of the difficult and winding passes in Vietnam, O Quy Ho Pass inspires a lot of adventurous travelers. On this route, you will drive to the North Part of Sapa to O Quy Ho village where you can stop at the viewpoint and look over the magnificent landscape of rice paddies and mountains.

Experience the road and weather in the most realistic way

After O Quy Ho, you will get to Ban Khoang Village, which is the home of Red Dzao and Hmong minority groups, you will meet friendly, and very hospitality that would like to invite you to their house and drink homemade rice wine. If you have a guide accompany you, then this is the best chance to understand their daily lives and local culture. Then further than Ban Khoang Village in Ta Giang Phinh Village which is an underrated destination among travelers in Sapa. The village is hidden among the mountain valley and surrounded by beautiful rice terraces.

During rice harvest season, it is a spectacular view of golden rice fields and blue clear sky above, what an unforgettable memory. In case you have more time here, stay overnight and trek to Ngu Chi Son Mountain and admire the view from above, a scared mountain shapes like five fingers.

Sapa motorbike via O Quy Ho Pass

Sapa – Y Ty Loop

Y Ty is a beautiful and charming village further up North and lies on the border of Vietnam and China. In each period of the year, the village has it owns a beauty and outstanding from other places in Sapa as well as in Vietnam. Located at an altitude of over 200m above sea level, with a special location, Y Ty is popular among travel photographers for “sea cloud”, its golden rice terraces, and snowfalls in the winter.

Experience many terrains, natural landscapes

In order to get to the village, you will drive up the mountains, hair-raising passes, and drive through Den Sang Forest which creates a mystic atmosphere and unique vibe for this place. With this loop, you can finish the trip in one day; however, we strongly recommend doing it in 2 days, together with a chance to a night at one of few homestays will give you more comfort.

There are two routes to conquer Sapa – Y Ty loop. You can ride via Lao Cai city on the 4D highway as a literal loop. Or you can take the road DT158 from Ban Vuoc to Ban Xeo before retracing your outward route back to Sapa on road DT155 and highway 4D. Both paths have the same length of 195km and offer a spectacular picture of the Sapa mountainous area.

Sapa Motorbike Via Y Ty Loop

Sapa – Lao Chai – Ta Van – Ban Ho Village 

On this route, you will head down Muong Hoa Street towards Ta Van, Cau May or Ban Ho village – all clearly signposted from the main road. Ban Ho is around 25 kilometers from Sapa town and a good spot to aim for: villagers are used to tourists and food and homestays can usually be arranged.

Terraced fields in the rainy season in Muong Hoa valley

The road around the village hugs the side of the mountain with unobstructed views of the valleys and mountains to the south, with some truly jaw-dropping landscape onto the stepped paddy climbing up the slopes.

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