The Most Beautiful Villages In Sapa

Not only famous for its unique natural landscape, Sapa is also famous for its traditional villages. Let’s go with Lao Cai Tourism to find out some villages that visitors are very interested in below.

  1. Cat Cat village

Cat Cat village is located in Hoang Lien commune, about 2km from the town center. This is an old village of the Mong people, which still preserves many long-standing customs and habits. Through looms, the Mong people create colorful brocade sheets with unique patterns that simulate plants, flowers, and birds.

Poetic scenery in Cat Cat village

Associated with the process of weaving cotton and linen is the process of dyeing the fabric and embroidering patterns by hand. Finished dyed fabric is polished by rolling the fabric with a log on a flat stone coated with beeswax.

Besides, following the small roads through the center of the village, visitors have the opportunity to experience the displays of artifacts and products of the people’s labor, preserving handicrafts such as planting flowers, weaving linen, fabrics and jewelry making. You can choose to walk to enjoy combine mountain views and admire the entire village from above. You can book a tour here

  1. Sin Chai

Going through Cat Cat village about 2 km, you will reach Sin Chai village. Although located quite close to Sapa town, this place is not as crowded with tourists as other villages. This is an ideal place for tourists who want to observe and learn about the life of the indigenous H’Mong people.

The typical wooden houses of the H’Mong people are located close to the small road. Walking up the mountain to Sin Chai, visitors will admire the wonderful picture of rice fields, waterfalls and buffalos leisurely grazing.

A short hike to Sin Chai is very enjoyable experience, who will take the time to teach you to weave or dye fabrics, taking you on a locally built trail that explains the name and function of local flora. You can also join them in planting trees or participating in their traditional sports activities.

Visitors experience traditional crafts

  1. Ta Van

Visitors crossing the winding trail around the hills and mountains about 10 km will reach to Ta Van village. This village is located at the foot of the mountain in Muong Hoa valley, mainly concentrated Giay, Mong and some other ethnic minorities. The road to Ta Van Giay village is small, narrow and dirt road. The two sides of the road are fertile terraced fields adorned with the green color of corn and rice.

Without the high-rise buildings, without the city’s smog, all that Ta Van has is a simple romantic scene with the high blue sky, terraced fields of vast ripe rice, the rustic cottages and small dirt roads strewn with wildflowers on both sides. All create a strange and peaceful upland picture. You can book a tour here

Ancient stone Field on the way to Ta Van

  1. Ta Phin

Ta Phin, about 17km northeast of Sa Pa town center, is home to the Dao and Mong ethnic groups.

Ta Phin community tourism cooperative

Ta Phin has a beautiful natural landscape, imbued with the cultural identity of the Red Dao people. You will be invited to one of the local houses next to the beautiful rice fields. The trails through the village give you beautiful views of the mountains. Dao women are very skillful in embroidery.

Coming to Ta Phin village, you can visit famous spots such as caves, ancient monasteries, rock gardens, …

This place is also famous for the red Dao herbal bath . When walking around Sapa town, you will find many massage parlors with red Dao’s bath. In addition, when visiting the ancient village, visitors can experience medicinal baths, buy brocades or enjoy special dishes served by the restaurant here.

  1. Ban Ho

About 30 km from Sapa town in the direction of Lao Chai – Ta Van, Ban Ho is a village of the Tay ethnic group. With a relatively small population compared to other ethnic groups, this is the only village in Sapa where this ethnic group lives. The village is located in a small valley at the end of Muong Hoa stream.

Tourists visit and experience in the stilt house of the Tay people

To go from the main road to the village, visitors have to go through a majestic and beautiful winding road. The most interesting thing when coming to Ban Ho is to experience the homestay in the typical stilt houses here to enjoy the special dishes. Ban Ho is also remote village in Sapa, a great place for those who want to experience the feeling of traveling alone.

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