Top Beautiful Tourist Destinations In Lao Cai City

If you are looking for a relaxing space in the middle of nature after the hustle and bustle of life, this article is for you. With hot picnic and check-in locations located in the heart of Lao Cai city, it promises to give you the most perfect choices.

1. Dong Tuyen lake

Dong Tuyen Lake is a natural lake surrounded by hills covered with green trees, the air is quite fresh, so this place is becoming one of the interesting check-in points of young people.

This is an attractive tourist destination, suitable for a day trip when owning a very peaceful natural scene, bringing a sense of relaxation to visitors.

Under the white clouds floating on the high mountains, the beauty of the blue lake, glittering when the sun shines on it will definitely attract campers to set up camp.

Not only famous for its special scenery, this place is also a place to inspire inspiration for many works of art.

– Location: Dong Tuyen, Lao Cai city

– Opening hours: 24/7

– Price: Free

2. Nhac Son Hill

The protection forest area of ​​Nhac Son hill covers an area of ​​over 60 hectares, stretching from Kim Tan ward to Dong Tuyen commune, Lao Cai city.

The roads on Nhac Son hill have a moderate slope, winding under the green trees all year round, really a suitable place for devotees who are passionate about physical training and sports.

Coming to the wall-like mountains in the northwest of the city at dawn or dusk, you will hear the songs of birds, the rustling of leaves and the sound of dogs and cats in the distance echo.

With the characteristic of shady perennial trees and many empty and flat lands, visitors often come here to camp, organize outdoor parties, and watch the beautiful shimmering city from above.

– Location: Nhac Son Hill, Kim Tan, Lao Cai

– Opening hours: 7:00-22:00 on weekdays

– Admission: Free

With the current rush of life, trips away from home with family are increasingly rare, and picnics around the city have become very hot. Let’s experience with Lao Cai Tourism more interesting and new things about nature and people of Lao Cai!

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