Sapa Organize The 8th International Day Of Yoga

The 8th International Day of Yoga, 2022 in Sa Pa town will takes place in 02 days, from June 23-24, 2022

Main activities of the event:

  1. Display space of Yoga in Sapa:

– Time: From June 23, 24 – 2022 (Opening from 9:00 am, June 23, 2022).

– Location: Sa Pa Town square.

– Products of display: Materials and images introducing the history of Yoga’s formation and development in India, in the world and Vietnam; Yoga materials; products for yoga practice; healthy culinary dishes according to Yoga recipes.

  1. Inauguration ceremony of kindergarten, Chu Lin 1hamlet, Trung Chai commune – Project sponsored by Indian Embassy in Vietnam:

– Time: From 14h00′ to 15h30′, June 23, 2022.

– Location: Kindergarten, Chu Lin 1 hamlet, Trung Chai commune.

– Activities: Cutting the ribbon to inaugurate and visit the kindergarten

Program sponsored by Indian Embassy in Vietnam.

  1. Organize the Yoga Festival:

– Time: 19:30 ‘, June 23, 2022.

– Location: Sa Pa Town square.

– Activities: The complex of art programs introducing Indian-Vietnamese culture combines the visual arts of Yoga.

  1. Celebration of the 8th International Day of Yoga and Yoga demonstration on the top of Fansipan:

– Time: 09h00′ – 10h00′, June 24, 2022.

– Location: The entire space on the top of Fansipan: Cloud yard, Lower – Middle – Upper Pagoda; The promenades of Fansipan Legend.

– Activity: Yoga performance “Salute to the sun- Salute the Fansipan Peak”.

Written by Thanh Tuan, Photos by Duong Toan

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