Discover New Tourist Attractions In Hoang Lien National Park

The Environmental Education Center and the Environmental Services of the Hoang Lien National Park has organized the tours survey of Vung Rong – Gieng Tien.

“Vung Rong – Gieng Tien” located in Hoang Lien National Park at an altitude of nearly 2000m above the sea level, this is a new tourist routes, attractive and suitable for the natural discovering tours, adventurous.

To get to Vung Rong – Gieng Tien the visitors have to go down  to Cat Cat village of San Sa Ho commune then walk up follow Muong Hoa stream heading to Fansipan peak about 8km (3,5 hours).

Through the survey, the route to Vung Rong – Gieng Tien has a majestic natural landscape, a pristine ecosystem, little human impact; Along the route, there are rich and unique vegetation, such as the population of red rhododendron, Tibetan wood lake …

Due to the process of creating paint, in the area of ​​Vung Rong – Gieng Tien, there are waterfalls and water bodies that are different from other places.

Vung Rong Waterfall splits two towering cliffs into a pool about 800m2 wide; Gieng Tien area is about 1km away, formed by the next two waterfalls and the depth of the well bottom has not been measured.

The Vung Rong – Gieng Tien route is completely feasible to officially become a new eco-tourist route in Sa Pa.

Come to the tourist route of Vung Rong – Gieng Tien the visitors will enjoy the pristine beauty of the Hoang Lien mountain range, is wallow in the beautiful natural scenery and breathe the fresh air here.

The visitors come to SaPa, please do not miss the opportunity to explore and experience the tourist route “Vung Rong – Gieng Tien”.

Thanh Tuan

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