The Best experience for camping in Sapa

Nowaday, Sapa is too crowded with many hotels, motels and homestays. Imagine you’re traveling to Sapa and enjoying the scene of setting up a tent in the middle of the sky with a fire flickering and enjoying wildlife survival. Sapa is a great destination to choose free camping spots.

The scene of pristine jungle, with the rustic terraced fields, enchanting views of the waterfall, that will be a great camping site for you. Let’s choose our recommended camping sites in Sapa you like the most.

 Camping near the hill tribe villages

Camping by the stream, along the Muong Hoa stream flowing through Cat Cat, Lao Chai, Ta Van and Y Linh Ho villages. You enjoy hearing the water murmuring night and day, gentle fresh feeling.

While setting up a camping tent, you can go down to the stream to choose some standard kitchen stone to start a fire quickly. In addition, the cool stream will be the place to play of the whole group, making you really very happy.

This place you might choose a position that help you get the whole of Muong Hoa Valley into sight. Sleeping under the blue sky and inhaling the smell of rice, the smell of mud, the rural really lovely, worth experiencing.

Caping on top of the terraces

You can do it in villages: Y Linh Ho, Lao Chai, Ta Van, Ta Phin villages… Most of the Sapa areas have terraced fields with very nice views. If you want to camp during the rice season (Aug – Sep) to enjoy the occasional gentle smell, you need to choose a more careful location to have enough camping space without affecting the rice field.

In the October season, the rice has been harvested and the field has been cleared without transplanting new rice, now it is easier to choose a beautiful view right in the middle of the terraced fields because everywhere are hills terraced fields. Camping at this point, the best thing is that you will see the immense sky, mountains and beautiful rice fields along Muong Hoa Valley.

Camping in the forest

Sapa is very famous with Hoang Lien Son National Forest is one of the major reserves of rare plants and animals in Vietnam. The forest have been protected for a long time, so they can still retain old trees, retaining the original appearance of the old forest.

Camping in the forest brings you feeling mysterious, wild and for camping in the jungle, the permission and instructions of the forest management are needed. And you need to follow the camping rules in the forest that management will instruct. Sleeping in the deep forest, you feel challenged to live wild in the forest. At night, hear the whispering of plants and trees, the creatures of the jungle call each other at night.

Here are some of the best experience camping places in Sapa, helping you plan the most fun and memorable experience for your trip. Leaving motels, hotels and do not miss this extremely interesting experience.

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