1 day in Taphin village

Sapa in the Summer is the best choice for tourists, because of fresh air with the beautiful scenery of the mountains, forrests, rice fields and villages of minority ethnics in Sapa. Driving on motobike about 30 mins to the North of Sapa city with 12km you will arrive Taphin abandoned monastery .

It’s very easy to look for any place for parking near by  this historical destination. You can take pictures of monastary with flowers or walk around to see a beautiful tourism area that is built and designed by the beauty of nature stone in Taphin village.

Taphin village

photo: To Uyen – Taphin village

         Continue driving about 3km to go to the center of this village, you will be admired by the scenery of the mountaine and rice fields here. It’s different from the rice fields in Ta Van or Trung Chai village, but it look further and more peaceful. You should stop driving to walk around the village to discover the culture, custumes of Black mong and Red Dao ethnics here. It’s realy interesting and exciting, because of differences. People here is very friendly, so you can enjoy your interesting time with their family. They are always ready to recommend their traditional culture with tourists and i saw their pride whenever they talk about it.

1 day in Taphin village

Photo: To Uyen – Experience in Taphin with Red Dao people

After alot of walking around, you should searching for a nice place to take a rest, have some coffee and relax with herbal bath. There are many choice for you with herbal bath. Because it’s very famous of their effect on you health, red Dao ethnic use more than 70 kinds of natune medicines to do this kind of bath. It’s very easy to feel the effect after 30 mins with herbal bath. Remember, don’t be hungry whenever you have herbal bath, it’s very to have hypotension if you are hungry. Chosing any local restaurant to have meal with traditional dishes of local ethnics here before taking a rest with herbal bath.

Herbal bath in Taphin

Photo: To Uyen – Herbal bath in Taphin village

         Finishing your visite on your motobike to driving back to Sapa city and have different experiences in Sapa. Have a good trip!

To Uyen

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