Discover Y Ty In The Summer

In recent years, Y Ty has become a famous destination for tourists. Especially in summer, with fresh and cool air, unique culture, Y Ty will be more attractive than ever.

The fresh and cool scene in Y Ty

Coming to Y Ty in the summer, visitors will enjoy the fresh and cool atmosphere. With an altitude of over 2000m above sea level, old – growth forests and high mountains make the air here cool all year round. If in the lowlands, the summer is hot like fire, but in Y Ty you will see much difference. The average temperature in summer here ranges from 18 to 28oC.

Not only has a cool climate, summer in Y Ty is also extremely attractive with terraced fields in the pouring season. The flood season from May to June, ethnic minorities begin to flock to the shore to plant rice on terraced fields. The winding fields create a unique shape for Y Ty’s natural picture. With golden sunlight and rain make the fields glistening, sparkling silver. In July, the fields were covered with green. Look like soft green velvet carpets, it makes the scene of Y Ty more lovely.

Y Ty’s attraction originates from the fantasy of the clouds, the combination of rain and fog and the Northwest mountains to create a fresh air with the characteristics of this land. Sighseeing the clouds in Y Ty does not seem to be splendid, floating and dense like winter and spring. But the thin clouds drifting across the top of the mountain, hovering over the village, sometime slowly descending into the valley, sometime loosening thinly, creating a beautiful landscape picture. This is also the time when visitors will enjoy the typical beauty of the Northwest mountains with rustic houses, friendly smiles…

Clouds hovering over the village

Coming to Y Ty, visitors will surely experience extremely unique cuisine such as: free range chicken, free range pig, angelica fried with beef, giao co lam soup cooked with chicken hearts, Ha Nhi beer… There are countless other delicious dishes that you must enjoy at Y Ty to feel the unique delicious taste. Summer here is also the land of fruits with plums, peaches, pears, apples.

Delicious vegetables and fruits in Y Ty

Please arrange a time to come to Y Ty this summer to feel the peace, enjoy delicious food, relax in the fresh and cool space. For more information about other beautiful and famous tourist attractions in Lao Cai, please contact: Lao Cai Tourist Information and Promotion Center, No. 02 Fansipan St, Sa Pa town, Lao Cai province.  Phone 02143.871.975 for detailed advice.

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