Special emotions when conquering high mountains in Lao Cai

Northwest in Viet Nam is becoming a destination that attracts the attention of numerous domestic and foreign tourists. With the potentials and strengths of culture, people, natural resources. Northwestern region in general and Lao Cai in particular are gradually recording outstanding marks. In particular, the spectacular beauty and magnificence of the high peaks in Lao Cai is also one of the hallmarks that tourists cannot forget.

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Lao Cai is the locality with the highest and most beautiful peaks in Vietnam. In particular, the first mention is that the Hoang Lien Son range runs from Sa Pa to Van Ban and Yen Bai province. Here is the 3,143m high Fansipan peak, dubbed the “Roof of Indochina” – the peak that any “ph??t” wishes to conquer successfully. With the mysticism of old forests, diverse rich vegetation, hundred-year-old red maple tree forest and depressed ancient Do Quyen trees, explorers will not be able to ignore the charm. coming to the enchanting of Hoang Lien Son

The mystery and appeal of Fansipan is the Ngu Chi Son mountain range located in Ta Giang Phinh commune (Sa Pa) with the highest peak on 2,800 m, with a unique shape like a giant hand with 5 straight fingers to the sky. The mystery and the wild beauty of Ngu Chi Son sobbed how many hearts love to conquer. There is not only a small stream crept between the forest, the sound of birds chirping with peace, innocent wildflowers in the sun, but also many interesting things waiting for you.

A little further away, the way of “Summer resort capital” in Sapa is about 40km from Ky Quan San mountain range (also known as Bach Moc Luong Tu) between Lao Cai and Lai Chau provinces, with the peak most 3,046 m and one of the four highest mountains in Vietnam. Ky Quan San is a very famous destination among the people who love traveling dust and trekking. With young people often say that: “if you want to admire the paradise, go to Ky Quan San!”, you will say that the beauty of this mountain can be compared as the first place of the scene, clouds intermingled mountains and wind moon. And, the most beautiful, most impressive images of clouds by many photographers are also composed from this place.

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Apart from the above three peaks, Lao Cai has many other peaks. Among of them, there are a number of peaks such as Lao Than and Nhiu Co San peaks (Bat Xat district), some peaks belong to Hoang Lien Son range (Sa Pa district); Ta Cu Ty peak, Quan Than San, Lau Thi Ngai (Tay Con Linh range, Bac Ha district – Si Ma Cai); … Each mountain peak has a beauty and its own appeal, not to be disturbed by the footsteps visitors, creating a rustic but also extremely picturesque nature of Lao Cai tourism.


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