A Lu Is Endlessly Beautiful In The Ripe Rice Season

The attractive yellow color on the immense terraced fields cannot stop the crazy feet from entering every autumn. Join Lao Cai Tourism to share the experience of traveling to A Lu in the ripe rice season to have a complete trip.

Where is A Lu?
A Lu is one of the communes located on the border between Vietnam and China along Lung Po stream, in Bat Xat district, Lao Cai. Now, on the road running along Lung Po stream to A Lu (formerly Ngai Thau commune and A Lu commune now merged into A Lu commune), people only see a beauty of this Northwest.

The enchanting beauty of people in the high land of A Lu
How to get to A Lu?
– Travel route: The shortest way to A Lu is from Lao Cai city, visitors can follow National Highway 4D in the direction of Bat Xat. Follow the signposts through Ban Vuoc, at Lung Po junction, turn onto provincial road 158 to arrive at A Lu.

A Lu Slope – Y Ty’s fog in the legend
– Transportation: The paved road to A Lu has been completed recently, so traveling from Y Ty, Lung Po or A Mu Sung is no longer as arduous as before.
You can choose to go to A Lu by passenger bus, taxi or rented motorbike in Lao Cai city. However, choosing to go by motorbike is the most favorite among young people. Because they will fully enjoy the majestic scenery of the mountains in the Northwest.
Time of rice ripening in A Lu?
A Lu in the ripe rice season is enchanting, with the “golden sea” spreading endlessly, radiating fragrance into the space.
The rice season here usually starts late compared to other places. So from September to early October, the rice will be yellow all over the mountains, signaling a full crop.

Heaven and earth blend together in a corner of A Lu
Golden season in A Lu
In the early autumn sun, the winding road seems to bring visitors to the fairyland, everywhere you can see the golden terraced fields, spreading to the eyes.
Occasionally, I encounter the carpets of clouds falling, floating, and adventurous.

The picture of enthusiastic labor in the ripe rice season A Lu
The sunset scene in A Lu has a captivating charm. In some places that have been harvested, but there are still a few fields that are still green.
The painting of A Lu seems to add more emphasis, more anxiety and more magic when the dark god is slowly putting his coat on the field. A Lu, the legendary land of the Northwest has such haunting colors.

The ghostly scene when the evening twilight
The terraced fields are like a colorful oil painting, in addition to the white clouds floating like a fairy scene.
Come to A Lu in the ripe rice season to see the charming scenery and have interesting experiences.
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