Lao Cai Specialties Remember To Buy As Gifts

In the journey to any region, anyone wants to buy the typical products of their place to make gifts for friends and relatives. Are you traveling to Lao Cai and want to find gifts that are unique, fragrant, delicious and nutritious? Let Lao Cai Tourism introduce you.

Lao Cai with favorable climate and soil conditions and skillful, industrious and creative hands of ethnic minorities has created many unique and attractive products.


If you come to Sa Sa or Bac Ha, it is really a destination for many brocade shops, rich designs and beautiful with useful designs. Do not hesitate to buy yourself and give your loved ones the colorful brocades, there are many unique motifs or buy souvenirs made from brocade is also extremely beautiful like a bag, purses, hats, shirts, towels, backpacks …. You should choose to buy at reputable addresses that sell brocades or in handicraft villages, surely you will buy a satisfactory product, just fit pocket money. In Sa Pa, you can go to the traditional handicraft villages in Ta Phin, Lao Chai villages … or look at the shops of Lan Rung Brocade Cooperative. In Bac Ha, you come to Bac Ha market, meet every Sunday, with a lot of brocade stalls, or shops specializing in selling brocades of Bac Ha Brocade Cooperative.

Forest mushrooms in Sapa

Forest mushrooms are one of the most special specialties in Sapa. At first glance, there is nothing different from the common mushrooms, but if anyone has ever eaten it, it will surely not forget the fragrance but no mushroom anywhere. Mushrooms are raw materials for processing many delicious dishes such as fried spring rolls, stewed chicken soup or stir-fried dishes….

Seng Cu Rice

Seng Cu rice has been a famous rice variety in Lao Cai. It’s grown mainly in Bat Xat and Muong Khuong districtsif you are hesitant to buy anything as a gift for relatives. In which, Muong Khuong rice is still considered more delicious by the people.

Muong Khuong chili sauce

Muong Khuong hot pepper paste is processed 100% from chili witch grown naturally on the high slopes of Muong Khuong. Due to the natural conditions here, chili have a spicy flavor and a special aroma that is nowhere to be found. With a bold flavor, Muong Khuong chutney is used in a wide variety of dishes, such as grilled, boiled, or spicy dishes, especially when eating noodles, noodles and buffalo meat. , nem chua, … bringing the maximum taste of numbness on the tip of the tongue, increase the deliciousness when served with dishes. If you come to Lao Cai, do not forget to search, enjoy the unique specialty chutney and buy it as a gift for relatives and friends.

Local Alcohol

Lao Cai is very famous of local alcohol like Sapa cider alcohol, Sim San , San Lung (Bat Xat), Ban Pho maize alcohol (Bac Ha), …. But the most famous is San Lung alcohol in Bat Xat district and Ban Pho corn alcohol in Bac Ha. In order to get the drops of fragrant alcohol, drink even if drunk but not tired or headache, it is because of highland Lao Cai has special privileges on nature and they have a special traditional method of minorities people. Alcohol is cooked with cool water witch flowing from the high mountain. The cool taste of the water has created a special aroma of aromatic alcohol that is nowhere to be found. In addition, leaf yeast is also a contributing factor to the delicious taste. With many designs, sleek and luxurious, you can easily choose the best product.

There are many other specialties that you can buy as gifts for relatives such as Ban Xeo village (Bat Xat), medicinal plants such as contemporaries and trifles grown mainly in Bac Ha or Si Ma Cai. , artichoke is grown in Sa Pa (it is easily used by condensed high-art form of artichoke). In every season, in Lao Cai there is no shortage of specialties such as Tam Hoa plum, peach, bamboo shoot or nuggets … you can give special gifts for relatives at home or friends after an interesting trip in Lao Cai.



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