What Should You Buy When Traveling To Sa Pa

A meaningful and unique gift for relatives and friends is one of thing you will do after any trip. Especially when you come to Sa Pa, the land with many strange things, then the choice for you is really simple.

Sometime, just small things or simple gifts do not too expensive, but make the recipient feeling warm. Here are some suggestions for you when traveling to Sapa and want to choose gifts for your loved.

1. Sa Pa brocade

After these days in Sapa, perhaps you will be impressed with the colors and patterns on the brocade cloth of different ethnic groups in Sapa. Take your time to visit the villages in Sa Pa, visit the families who still keep making the craft, weave traditional fabric, choose to buy handmade items directly in the village will bring more meaning. You have just helped relatives earn more income to focus on their life. If you are only in the center of Sapa town, looking for reputable shops such as Luong Thuy, Lan Rung, Indigo Cat … there are many options for you such as: Bag, scarf, pillow case , wall paintings … And you assured of the quality, because these shops only sell handmade only, but the price will be a bit more expensive than industrial items.

2. Sa Pa salmon

Is one of the lands in Vietnam that converges natural elements to raise salmon. Sa Pa salmon is famous for being delicious, clean and nutritious. So if you can not bring fresh salmon as a gift, please choose for yourself the “Ruoc ca hoi” is processed to ensure hygiene and no preservatives to make gifts for children. This dish is really delicious and provides a lot of nutrients, the price is only about 180k an ounce, so the salmon should be saved on your list of gifts to buy in Sapa. There are many addresses throughout Sa Pa town selling delicious salmon shrimp, you can also try at Sa Pa Food at 622 Dien Bien Phu Street.

3. Sa Pa buffalo dried meat

As one of the specialties of the Northwest. Fresh pieces of meat are selected and dried completely, so you can be assured of the quality. The red meat fibers, marinated with spicy spices, dry baked just right to create deliciousness is really a great gift for men. The price of standard dried buffalo meat in Sa Pa ranges from VND 800,000 to VND 1,000,000 /1 kg, if you buy somethings cheaper it could be dried pork or buffalo meat that does not guarantee quality. Buy from reputable, well-maintained manufacturing facilities with vacuum bags and clear addresses.

4. Actiso

The fresh climate plus favorable weather makes Sa Pa become a good land for artichokes. Many people and businesses in Sapa have grown artichoke trees to supply to processing plants or manual processing at home to create products such as artichokes, artichoke soaked wine, artichoke stems, tea …artichoke extract products have the effect of treating diseases related to: High cholesterol, anemia, hypotension, liver problems … If you want to buy products from artichoke as gifts, please go to Traphaco’s businesses to get high quality products.

5. Sa Pa mushroom

As one of the products of the mountains. The mushrooms growing naturally in Hoang Lien forest are among the clean and delicious foods. If you come here during the mushroom season, it is very easy to buy fresh mushrooms at around 30-50k / string about 1-2 taels. In addition, you can buy bags of Sa Pa mushrooms which have been dried and sold a lot in Sapa stores or markets. You should also look to reputable businesses to avoid buying Chinese mushrooms. Sa Pa now also has many units of growing and trading mushrooms according to Vietgap standards so that visitors have more options.

6. Sapa fruits

The famous temperate fruits in Sapa such as: Peach, plum, local apple… are also an indispensable option in the list of gifts to buy in Sapa. If you travel to Sapa in the period from May to July of the solar calendar, take the time to reach O Quy Ho Pass. This place concentrates most of the biggest orchards in Sapa. Where you can go directly to the orchard, just visiting and picking your own peaches, plums, watering on the tree to bring as gifts. The price at the garden is also very affordable, and also guaranteed cleanliness.

Traveling to Sapa is really a great choice for you, just have the opportunity to visit, experience, enjoy local specialties … and there are countless options to buy as gifts for relative family. Let’s make plan and prepare for your trip.


                                                                                                            Photos and written by Thanh Tuan

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