Enjoying The Bac Ha Market Foods

Enjoying the specialties food of the Bac Ha market will bring you a great experience when coming to this Northwest land. Here are some specialties foods you should try once when you come to the market.

  1. The Thang Co.

This is the traditional food of the H’mong people. After that, it was introduced to the Dao, Kinh and Tay ethnic groups and gradually became a special delicacy of the Bac Ha market .

The Thang Co is made from the horse meat and organs. Later. They added the beef, the pork, and the buffalo meat.

After the horse is slaughtered, they take the meat and the offal to mix with the spice for 15 to 30 minutes. After that stir-fry then simmer until tender.

The special feature that makes this food different is the seasoning. It is the cardamom, the grilled lemongrass leaves,the salt, the cinnamon.

The Thang co is a delicious food in Bac Ha market, but you can’t eat it just about anything. You should eat the Thang Co on the stove while it’s still hot.

Drinking a little more corn wine will create a very characteristic flavor of this food.

  1. The Men Men.

The Men Men are actually corn flour rice of the Bac Ha ethnic group. After the corn is harvested, it will be dried, stored in the kitchen and then split into seeds.

The people will bring the corn to grind to make the corn flour. When eating, the people put the cornstarch in a pot, add a little water  then put it on a pan to cook until cooked.

  1. The Five-color sticky rice.

The Five-color sticky rice is a speciality of  Bac Ha market that according to the Northwest travel experience of many people should not be missed.

In the past, the five-color sticky rice was made on the important holidays. Nowadays, the people make the five-color sticky rice more and also to serve the tourists.

The color of the sticky rice is made from the familiar plants such as: the yellow-flowered plants, the red-black trees, the turmeric or carnation leaves.

  1. The Corn cakes.

The Corn cakes are made from corn and put in a large pot. When the customers eating, the seller will cut them into small pieces, add spices to make the food more attractive.

Surely you will feel a very different taste than the cake made from the rice flour.

  1. The Bac Ha Pho.

– The Sour Pho.

If you do not know what to eat at Bac Ha market, try this food right away. The Sour Pho is made from the red rice founding in Bac Ha and Lung Phinh regions only, so the Pho has a brown color, not a white color like the regular pho.

The Sour water is the determining factor of the food delicious. In a bowl of sour pho, there are grill pork, the freshly coated pho noodles, the raw vegetables, the sour water…

  • The chicken, pork Pho.

There is also chicken and pork pho like the lowland, but the good thing here is that the clean chicken, the clean pork are very delicious, firm and chewy, different from what you have ever enjoyed.

  1. Bac Ha corn wine.

The corn wine is made from corn, the staple food here. The water for cooking the corn wine must be taken from Hang De stream.

The aroma of the corn wine is very passionate, but when drinking, it is not sour, not harsh, very pleasant. The women can also enjoy this corn wine easily.

                                                                             Thanh Nhan

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