Muong Hoa Railway – The longest mountain climbing train in Vietnam

               Accordingly, the record “The longest mountain climbing train in Vietnam” was awarded to Muong Hoa Mountain Railway. Muong Hoa mountain-climbing train is the most modern mountain climbing train in Vietnam, built and put into operation by March 31, 2018, and has soon become the new favorite mean of transportation in Sa Pa. 

             With a total length of 1,660.01m, height difference of 106.11m, each car has a length of 20m, width of 3m, weight of 25 tons, this is the longest mountain railway in Vietnam to date. The project was designed and produced by the world-known Garaventa (Switzerland), with a splendid railway station designed by the world’s top 5 leading architects Bill Bensley.

         Muong Hoa Railway – Photo: To Uyen

             Starting from the town center connecting to Fansipan, Muong Hoa mountain climbing train takes visitors on a magical journey with majestic natural scenery, Muong Hoa valley in the mist and simple peaceful highland life. Last year, Muong Hoa mountain climbing train continuously became a fever when it became a fashion shooting and fashion show place for many famous brands at home and abroad.

         Departing from Sapa town, the Muong Hoa funicular is a wonderful journey that connects the town with the Fansipan cable car station. The funicular ride will thrill people of all ages as it trundles through mysterious tunnels, crosses a viaduct and offers passengers wide-views of the beautiful natural landscapes at an altitude of 1,600 meters. On the walkway to the station of Fansipan cable car, visitors can appreciate the splendor of a beautiful rose garden with hundreds of ancient blooming roses, as well as the purple flower fields, agricultural products of the hill tribes, who live in the northwest, and their many traditional festivals.

To Uyen

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