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Top 10 Attractions

Enjoy The Beauty Of Sapa’s Flower In The Spring

Sapa in spring will brings a fresh beauty and full of life. Flowers race to bloom after a cold winter. Visitors can freely admire and take pictures with the typical flowers of Sapa when traveling in spring. Let’s go to every corner of the village of the ethnic minorities in Sapa, check out the attractive […]

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Traveling To Villages In Sapa In The Lunar New Year

Discovering the unique traditional culture, majestic and poetic natural landscape filled with spring colors in Sapa’s villages is a very interesting choice for tourists at the beginning of the new year. Gau Tao Festival of Mong people in Sapa Sapa is probably too famous for all tourists because of its natural scenery, cool climate, and […]

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Conquer Fansipan Peak And Ham Rong Mountain

Recently, The Huffington post (US) has announced list of 5 Must-Do Adventures in Southeast Asia. According to the US, Fansipan Mountain and Ham Rong Mountain is not to be missed in the journey to explore Vietnam. Here are some suggestions about Fansipan Mountain that US Reported Huffington Post give travelers. Nice view on the trail to conquer […]

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Unique Highland Architecture In Y Ty – Trinh Tuong House

Trinh Tuong House of Ha Nhi ethnic is one of the unique architectures of the highland minorities that is attracting tourists to explore and experience. Ha Nhi people live mainly in two provinces of Lao Cai and Lai Chau. The Trinh Tuong houses of ethnic minorities in the highlands are made of earth, suitable for […]

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The new attractive check-in places in Sapa

Sapa recently added some new check-in places that fascinate travelers. Let’s explore together! 1. Secret Garden Homestay Sapa Secret Garden Sapa is a new and attractive name for you. With the investment in context and nature, Secret Garden Sapa is the ideal check-in location for those who like to mingle with nature. What is more […]

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Paradise resort in Sapa – Topas Ecolodge

Sapa has been famous in the heart of tourists because of the majestic natural scenery, diverse culture and complete national identity. As one of the most beautiful Ecolodge in the North, Topas Ecolodge is the destination that many tourists choose. Topas Ecolodge tourist area is located 18km from the center of Sa Pa town, nearly […]

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Y Ty Clouds Homestay – An Ideal For Stay Overnight In Y Ty

Spacious space, poetic and peaceful scenery, friendly and hospitable host… are words to describe an extremely ideal accommodation facility for visitors when coming to Y Ty. Located about 75 km from Sa Pa, Y Ty is like a beautiful fairy still dreaming in the sleep at the middle of jungle. In recent years, the name […]

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Discover Y Ty In The Summer

In recent years, Y Ty has become a famous destination for tourists. Especially in summer, with fresh and cool air, unique culture, Y Ty will be more attractive than ever. The fresh and cool scene in Y Ty Coming to Y Ty in the summer, visitors will enjoy the fresh and cool atmosphere. With an […]

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Bat Xat is promoting and developing the climbing adventure tourism

Bat Xat has many majestic mountains where always welcome those who love adventure to discover, conquer the peaks, such as: Ky Quan San peak; Nhiu Co San Peak, Lao Than Peak. In recent years, grasping the advantages in developing the climbing adventure tourism, Bat Xat is promoting and developing this climbing adventure tourism in order […]

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Immerses Itself In The Cultural Identity Of Ethnic Groups in Bat Xat

Bat Xat tourism attracts tourists not only its natural scenery, fresh air but also attractive by the unique culture of 14 ethnic groups. If saying that Bat Xat tourism is developed thanks to wonderful natural landscape, cool and fresh climate is not enough, because of the most attractive part of this land is the people […]

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