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Special Tropical Fruits In the Summer In Sa Pa

Coming to Sapa in summer, beside enjoying cool and fresh climate,  tourists can enjoy scent and sweet fruits. That is the reason why many travellers choose to go to Sapa in summer. In the summer in Sa Pa always attract visitors by the fruitful gardens of peach and plum in the village, around the town. […]

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5 Ways To Distinguish The Handicraft Products Of The Ethnic Groups In Sapa And Chinese Products

The tourists always want to buy locals are imported when traveling anywhere, . To help the tourists can choose the authentic products made by the locals in Sapa-Lao Cai, we will show you 5 different characteristics between Sapa’s products and China’s products buy something for their family and friends as a present. Sapa’s-handicraft-products-on-the-left-Chinese-products-on-the-right Materials Sapa’s […]

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San Lung wine – the best wine of the North West

San Lung wine in Bat Xat District (Lao Cai) has long been dubbed as “the best wine” that the nature gives Lao Cai people. Those who have ever been there, if they have tasted this wine, would be extremely attached when leaving. San Lung wine of the Red Dao, in San Lung Hamlet, Ban Xeo […]

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