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The Attractions in Sapa

Enjoy The Beauty Of Sapa’s Flower In The Spring

Sapa in spring will brings a fresh beauty and full of life. Flowers race to bloom after a cold winter. Visitors can freely admire and take pictures with the typical flowers of Sapa when traveling in spring. Let’s go to every corner of the village of the ethnic minorities in Sapa, check out the attractive […]

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Sunset Spots In Sapa

Sunset – a magical moment of creation creates a poetic scene that can hardly be described by words. Take a walk around Sa Pa in the late afternoon, contamplate the spectacular scenery of the Northwestern mountains. Enjoy the most beautiful moments of the day under the sunset in a certain location, it will be a […]

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Top Beautiful Rose Garden In Sapa

There is a charming and enchanting Sapa by the brilliant colors of millions of roses. Let’s explore the rose gardens, a destination when visiting Sapa. 1. Sau Chua rose garden Located in Sau Chua village, Sa Pa commune, Sa Pa town, about 7 km from Sa Pa center, Sau Chua rose garden has a total […]

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Learning And Experiencing The Herbal Bath Of The Red Dao People

Ta Phin commune, Sa Pa, is one of the famous community tourist attractions with natural beauty and unique culture. Especially, this place is also famous for the unique herbal bath products of the Red Dao people, with rare herbal plants growing on the high mountains. The Red Dao people live in high mountain areas, close […]

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Sapa Has One Of World’s Most Unique Swimming Pools

Sapa is very famous with the fresh air, beautiful scenery of rice fields, the traditional custom of local groups. Nowaday, Sapa attracts tourists with many unique resorts, so you can spend all of time in Sapa with the most experience. Locatel Sapa Topas Ecolodge in popular tourist town was voted among seven resorts with the […]

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The Ta Phin Monastery – The Beauty Of Sapa Mountain

The Ta Phin monastery is like sleeping in the middle of Sapa mountain. A walking into a quiet space of the mountain region such as to the Ta Phin monastery will be your unforgetable memory. It’s called Ta Phin monastery because of its location in the Ta Phin village, about 12 kilometres from Sa Pa […]

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Spiritual Tourism on the top of Fansipan Mt

Sa Pa National Tourist Area, has Fansipan peak – the roof of Indochina, is known as the place where heaven and earth intersect and spiritual energy converges. The spiritual tourism works here attract a large number of tourists wishing to visit and pray for peace. Since 2016, when the Sunworld Fansipan Legend tourist complex came […]

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Beautiful Spring In Lao Cai

Lao Cai Spring is very beautiful because of the beautiful natural scenery, the brilliant colors of peach flowers, plum flowers, orchids or by the joyful festive to welcome a peaceful new year throughout the villages. Sa Pa with blooming flowers and fresh air will definitely be a destination when traveling to Lao Cai in spring. […]

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The Mystery Of Sapa Ancient Stone Field

In addition to the majestic beauty of nature or cultural diversity, Sapa is also known for its unique historical sites. That is the ancient stone – the mysterious relic hidden behind the seemingly inanimate rocks.  History The ancient stone beach has existed for a long time and is present in the lives of indigenous people. […]

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Cat Cat Tourist Area Recovered After The Flood

Well know as the most beautiful village in the Northwest of Viet Nam, Cat Cat village just suffered a big flood, destroyed most of the landscape, but everything has been restored to serve tourists.  Cat Cat village is the living place of mainly Black Mong people, according to the information of the village elders, the […]

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