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Bac Ha White Plateau Festival In The Summer Of 2023

With the theme of White Plateau Dance, the Bac Ha White Plateau Festival in the summer of 2023 is rushing to prepare special activities to welcome domestic and foreign visitors come to participate. The highlight of this year’s Festival is the 16th Bac Ha Traditional Horse Racing, which will take place in the qualifying round […]

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Visiting And Experiencing Tam Hoa Plum Gardens In Bac Ha

Visiting Bac Ha White Plateau this summer, visitors have the opportunity to visit, experience and explore Tam Hoa plum gardens and pick plums directly at the garden on the time of harvesting season. For a long time, Tam Hoa plum has become a tourism symbol of Bac Ha, in spring white plum bloom throughout the […]

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Homestay In Bac Ha District

No Name Address Phone Number of room Number of bed         Commune District         2 ChanbauHomestay Xà Ván Sừ Mần Khang-Tả Van Chư-Bắc Hà-Lào Cai Huyện Bắc Hà 0944540138 5   3 Tavanchu Homestay Tẩn Chư-Tả Van Chư-Bắc Hà-Lào Cai Huyện Bắc Hà 0838748780 9   4 Nhà nghỉ […]

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Homestay In Bao Yen District

No Name Address Phone Number of room Number of bed Owner Commune District                 1 Hoàng Thị Thúy Bản Hón – Nghĩa Đô Huyện Bảo Yên 0789.036.922 6 1   2 Hoàng Văn Bóng Mường Kem – Nghĩa Đô Huyện Bảo Yên 0975.940.072 5 1   3 Hoàng […]

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The List Of Homestay In Bat Xat District

No Name Address Phone Number of room Number of bed Owner Commune District                       1 Homestay Cô Si Thôn: Ngải Trồ – Y Tý Huyện Bát Xát 814546667 10 14 Sùng Thị Tâm 2 Homestay Thảo Nguyên Xanh Thôn: Ngải Trồ – Y Tý Huyện […]

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Sa Pa – Top 50 Beautiful Small Town In The World

 UK’s Travel Magazine Condé Nast Traveler posted its top 50 Most Beautiful Small Towns in the World, including Sa Pa of Vietnam. Sa Pa, a mountainous region lies in northern Vietnam, about 350 km from Ha Noi, is popular with 81,875 people (2019) and most are ethnic minority groups (Black Mong, Red Dao, Tay, Giay, […]

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Recommendation When Traveling In Sapa

Sa Pa is a famous tourist area with spectacular natural scenery, typical climate and unique ethnic cultural identity. In which, the cultural characteristics of the ethnic groups is one of the tourism potentials to create competitiveness for the local tourists. Say no with costumes  not from ethnic groups in Sa Pa In Cat Cat tourist […]

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Sapa On The New Rice Crop

From april, it rains a lot everywhere, terraced paddy fields in Sapa are filled with water. A favorable condition is created for rice paddy cultivation, one new crop will be prepared by local ethnic groups here in Sapa. (Terraced rice paddy fields in Lao Chai) In period time of rice paddy planting, the countryside of […]

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Attractive Tourism Products In Sapa

Over 120 years of establishment and development, Sapa has become a favorite destination of domestic and international tourists. Coming to Sapa, visitors will experience many unique, attractive and separate tourism products. Sapa tourism is endowed by nature with cool climate, majestic scenery, cultural treasures of unique ethnic groups… So tourists coming here often have many […]

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Ta Phin Ancient Monastery In Sapa – A Tourist Attraction

Ta Phin ancient monastery with mysterious beauty seems to be a quiet spot to attract tourists in peaceful and poetic Sapa. The quiet atmosphere is another world separate from the bustling Sapa town. Located about 12km from the center of Sapa town to the east, Ta Phin ancient monastery is located in Ta Phin village […]

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