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Traveling To Villages In Sapa In The Lunar New Year

Discovering the unique traditional culture, majestic and poetic natural landscape filled with spring colors in Sapa’s villages is a very interesting choice for tourists at the beginning of the new year. Gau Tao Festival of Mong people in Sapa Sapa is probably too famous for all tourists because of its natural scenery, cool climate, and […]

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Check-in Places In Sapa During The Lunar New Year 2023

Sapa national tourism area is the most attractive destination in winter of Vietnam. Peach blossom is symbol flower of Sapa, selfie with the symbol flower is nothing better for Tet days (Vietnamese new year holiday). We’d like to recommend to you some best places to visit Sapa these days: Peach garden of Sapa tourism house […]

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Attractive Tourism Events In Sapa In The Spring Of 2023

To welcome the Lunar new year 2023, Sapa will organize the attractive tourism events. Celebrate Spring and Folklore Festivals in the villages at Lunar New Year 2023 No Name of the festival Time 1 Organizing the cultural activities, arts and folk games in the town January 24 to the end of January 25, 2023 2 […]

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The Mong Show

Re-enact Hmong culture. The program will take place at Lao Cai Tourist Information and Promotion and Center, 02 Fansipan Sapa town on December 20-21/2022. The Mong Show is the main content of the unique cultural tourism product “Sa Pa quietly loves” which will continue to be organized by the Department of Tourism of Lao Cai […]

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Muong Hum Market

Muong Hum market is  42km from Sapa, 45km far from Lao Cai city to towards the North West direction, passing Ban Vuoc border gate, Sin Quyen Copper processingexploiting mine. In front of Muong Hum is the grandiose mountains with a lot of cloud, getting down from the mountain, there is a small lane directing a […]

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Skilful Handicrafts Of The Minorities Group In Sa Pa

Besides doing the farm work, weaving the fabric and embroidering the brocade are unlackable job of the women of the Mong, Tay, Dao… From the skilful hands, the women created the beautiful patterns in their costumes. The Brocade Nowadays, when Vietnam has integrated in the world economy, these women know how to make other products […]

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Sunset Spots In Sapa

Sunset – a magical moment of creation creates a poetic scene that can hardly be described by words. Take a walk around Sa Pa in the late afternoon, contamplate the spectacular scenery of the Northwestern mountains. Enjoy the most beautiful moments of the day under the sunset in a certain location, it will be a […]

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Gau Tao Festival In Sansaho Commune

Sansaho is a commune of Sapa town, Lao Cai Province. Most of the people who live here is belong to the Mong ethnic group. If you travel to Sapa in this spring, you can not missing Gau Tao Festival at Sansaho commune – one of the biggest festival of Mong ethnic group. Gau Tao festival […]

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Sun World Fansipan Legend is closed for maintenance from November 7 to December 11, 2022

In order to periodically maintain the cable car system and Muong Hoa funicular, Sun World Fansipan Legend will stop welcoming guests from November 7 to December 11, 2022. The Fansipan cable car will reopen to welcome visitors from December 11, 2022. We would like to inform you so that you can arrange a sightseeing tour […]

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The Biggest Amitabha Buddha Statue In Vietnam

On the 30th of January, the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha has organized the inauguration ceremony, sanctify the biggest Amitabha Buddha statue in Vietnam with the spiritual culture community together at the top of the Fansipan mountain and the great festival day of the Prayer 2018. Attending the event has the elder monk Thich Tri Tinh, the […]

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