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When Come to Sapa?

Top 03 Natural Swimming Pool In Sapa

Sapa is too familiar to tourists with the famous tourist products such as: Fansipan cable car, Muong Hoa valley, stone church, Sapa love market… But there is a new experience that tourists only should experience in Sapa in the summer, that is swimming in streams or waterfalls in Sapa. Sapa is endowed by nature with […]

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Top 5 Tourist Attractions In Sa Pa Should Come In the summer

Sapa is known as a quiet land that hides many wonders of the majestic natural scenery in the mountains. Each season, Sapa has its own unique features and summer in Sapa is no exception. Let’s explore the tourist spots that should be visited in Sapa this summer with Sapa Travel Summer is a beautiful season […]

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How Sunny Is It In SaPa In June

Let’s Lao Cai Tourism to learn about Sapa weather in June June is the beginning of summer in Sapa, but the weather here is quite pleasant compared to other regions. Due to its high terrain, Sapa still enjoys a consistently cool summer when daily temperatures never exceed 25°C. Warmer weather combined with high humidity of […]

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Beauty Of Azalea Flower In SaPa

        Every spring, Sapa lovers are once again eager to plan to conquer Fansipan to see azalea flowers. From February to April, azalea flowers cover creating a beautiful landscape picture for the Northwest land. Azalea is a genus of plants with about 850 – 1,000 species. This flower is a symbol of […]

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Discovering The Pouring Water Season In Lao Cai

Thinking of terraced fields, visitors will immediately think of the golden beauty of ripe rice. If you have the opportunity to admire the terraced fields in the rainy season, you will surely be overwhelmed by the unique and colorful natural picture. Photo 1: Terraced fields in the rainy season Visitors can visit and experience the […]

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Best Time To Visit SaPa

Sapa is always an attractive tourist destination for international tourists. Coming to Sapa at any time of the year, visitors will also be able to admire the majestic and immense mountain scenery in addition to the unique local culture. Introduction to Sapa SaPa is a highland town of Lao Cai province, located in the northwest […]

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What Is The Best Season To Go To Sapa?

Sapa every season is beautiful, every season is worth departing. If you want to find out and plan a suitable schedule, please note these times: If you come to Sapa in winter to feel the white snow of Europe right in Vietnam. Spring with peach blossoms and plum blossoms in full bloom in the sky. […]

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Useful Infor For Traveller To Vietnam In March

On 15th Feb 2022, the government has announced the reopening for international travelers starting from March 15th 2022 and the international commercial flight routes are extended. Flights restrictions will also be reduced, giving more access to services and businesses from February 15. Travelers in Vietnam may have questions about the spread of the virus in […]

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Where Should You Visit When Traveling To Lao Cai This Summer

 Summer is an ideal time for vacations, exploring beautiful nature. Coming to Lao Cai in the summer, you must definitely visit the following attractive places. Sapa With only 5 hours traveling by car from Hanoi, Sapa is a suitable destination for short rest and relaxation trips. Sapa in the summer with flowers blooming, with cool […]

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Season In Sapa

          Sapa is in the rice growing parts of Vietnam, the season starts when the rice is first sown. The season also vary  throught the different regions. It is also famous of 4 seasons in a day, so you will have unforgettable experiences in Sapa.       The Spring The […]

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