The Beauty Of Sapa In The Clouds

Sapa- well famous in the eyes of international visitors as the “town in clouds”, is even more alluring with its magnificent nature. Breathtaking Muong Hoa Valley and towering Hoang Lien Mountains wrapped in the oceanic clouds cascading down the earth.

Established as a hill station by the French in 1922, Sapa is located in the mountainous of Lao Cai province,it is also the tourism center of the Northwest in Viẹtnam. As a modest land, it has many wonders of the natural scenery with topography of hills, green forests which makes a fascinating scenic picture.

Sapa is located at the height of 1,500 to 1,650 meters on the mountainside of Lo Suay Tong. From the top of this mountain, we can see the Southeast of Sapa with the height of 2228 meters.

Sapa enjoys temperate and subtropical climate with cool air throughout the year. One day, the town’s weather experiences 4 seasons: the morning is spring, the noon is likened to summer weather with mild sunshine, balmy climate; cool clouds and dew in the afternoon create a feeling of autumn weather and the night is the cold of winter.

Many people are ready to overcome the cold, wake up early to hunt for clouds, and check-in in the midst of a beautiful, poetic, and porous white cloud scene, like a river flowing around the mountains spilling down across the village.

At the high points, white clouds are floating, filled with the brilliant sun, in the center of Sapa town or villages, the scene is foggy because it is located in the “sea of ​​clouds”.

The next morning, the whole city was covered by fog. The trees are covered with dew. Tourists will be very excited to be able to experience two different natural scenery for the first time after just one night.

From November to March every year is the best time to see the clouds in Sapa It is known that the peak season “sea of ​​clouds” in Sapa. These days, on many online travel forums, many people shared their photos of “seas of clouds” in Sa Pa and expressed their interest in the amazing natural phenomenon.

The time when the sea of ​​clouds appears with the highest probability is after 2-3 days of continuous rain, the temperature drops deeply. The best places to see clouds in Sapa are the Fansipan peak (3,143m above sea level), Ham Rong mountain peak (1,800m), Sapa heaven gate (2,228m),Hang Da village, Hau Thao village.

If you want to hunt beautiful clouds, you must go at the right time. Many people have regretted missing out because they came to hunt for clouds at a time when there were no clouds or too many clouds. The best way to see the ideal time is to look at the weather forecast.

If during that week, the weather forecast has days with sun and cloud symbols, then the possibility of clouds will be beautiful on these days. So, don’t ignore the weather monitoring if you want to go cloud hunting.

Hunting clouds is no longer too difficult, if you are crazy about your feet, don’t hesitate to try some of the ideal Sapa cloud hunting spots that we have suggested above for you


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