Cat Cat – The Most Beautiful Mountain Village

Amidst the majestic unspoiled mountains and forests of Sa Pa, the rustic Cat Cat village appears attractive with simple wooden houses, small murmuring streams, colorful brocades and people. Friendly ethnic minorities make anyone who comes to Sa Pa must definitely visit.

Cat Cat village is located in Hoang Lien commune, about 2km from the center of Sa Pa town to the gate of Cat Cat village. Cat Cat tourist area has many interesting and attractive things for you to explore. From winding small streets, ancient houses, craft villages, white foaming waterfalls to unique performances by local artisans.

Photo: The village center is always home to many interesting activities to attract tourists

Right on the nearly 2 km road leading to here, you will be mesmerized by the scenery of heaven and earth; One side is the same high mountain range, the other side is the Muong Hoa valley appearing with immense terraced fields and from here you can completely see the whole village with the houses close together

The immense Cat Cat terraced fields

The way down to the village is completely stone steps along the two sides of the road, these houses were built in the 19th century, selling all kinds of handicrafts such as: ethnic jewelry, brocade, dishes. Sapa specialties…

The way down to the village is completely stone steps

The three-room houses leaning against the hillside with a very unique architecture of the Mong people here, though small and simple, but very poetic with a few flower pots and plant pots. placed on the roof, sometimes a wooden swing in front of the door for the children to play, perhaps you have seen it in Vietnamese films set in the Northwest, but it will really an unforgettable experience if you have the opportunity to discover it yourself.

Wooden swings spread all over the road to the village

Crossing the steep stone paved road, a beautiful scenery will open up before your eyes. A whole white waterfall, flowing fast; The giant watermills, the bamboo bridge precariously over the rolling waterfall, the wooden swings, the rustic cottages, etc. Not only that, the unique culture and diverse cuisine of the people. The ethnic minorities here will surely surprise visitors from all over the world.

Cat Cat Waterfall throws white foam as beautiful as a picture

Visitors can experience the unique culture of the local people

To talk about Cat Cat perhaps it is difficult to describe the beauty and the thrill, it’s just that any visitor who has set foot in the land has sent back that land a coincident appointment. Let’s have a memorable experience with family and friends in Cat Cat village!


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