“Bac Ha White Highlands Festival” in summer 2024

With the theme “Falling in love with the highland horse’s racing”, the Bac Ha White Plateau Festival in summer 2024 will take place from June 1 to June 9 with many special activities, promising to attract a large number of tourists.

Bac Ha Horse Racing Festival is always imbued with traditional cultural values, is the result of a process of caring for and training horses of the people, and is one of the activities in a series of cultural and tourism events.

The horse racing festival is held in two rounds including:

Elimination round, qualifying round:

Time: June 2, 2024

Location: District Culture – Sports – Media Center

Final round:

Time: June 8, 2024

Location: Bac Ha District Central Stadium

In particular, this year Bac Ha district also organized a good luck ritual for the group participating in the traditional Bac Ha horse racing tournament (recreating the ritual in summary form for visitors to visit, experience and learn more about the value of the horse race). , the meaning of horse racing, the ritual takes place within 5-10 minutes) and the horse dance parade on the plateau, associated with the meaning of praising the attachment process of horses to the ups and downs of the life of the community. Bac Ha district’s ethnic community in labor, in fighting to protect the homeland and in the journey to become an intangible cultural heritage.

This June, don’t miss the destination Bac Ha, experience the unique festival, visit, personally pick plums from the garden full of fruit, visit the Ancient tea garden in Hoang Thu Pho commune, explore the poetic Tien cave Located on the Chay River, explore the most unique market in Southeast Asia – Bac Ha Market.

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