San Lung wine – the best wine of the North West

San Lung wine in Bat Xat District (Lao Cai) has long been dubbed as “the best wine” that the nature gives Lao Cai people. Those who have ever been there, if they have tasted this wine, would be extremely attached when leaving.

San Lung wine of the Red Dao, in San Lung Hamlet, Ban Xeo Commune, Bat Xat District is processed in a very elaborate process that is made of rice, red sorghum seeds, heirloom yeasts, and a cool water source creating a unique, special flavor different from others.

Materials for San Lung wine are carefully selected from fragrant rice seeds. Before cooking, the rice is soaked and incubated with sorghum. Yeast for the production of wine has many different natural flavors, one of them is to prevent colds, some is to help blood circulation, relieve joint pain, and others is to relieve headaches. After distilling the wine, the finished product is a light, sweet aroma, easy to drink, not as spicy as others. You will also feel lively, refreshing if taking about 3 cups or more. San Lung wine will make the girls’ cheeks, lips become more rosy, redder, respectively without headache, dizziness when taking. And those who has ever enjoyed this wine will feel nostalgic when leaving, not only “drunk” by the great taste of San Lung wine but also by the eyes of the beautiful girls.

Arriving San Lung Hamlet, Ban Xeo Commune, Bat Xat District, you will not only experience the elaborate and interesting wine production process of the local people but also buy high quality wine bottles as gifts for your loved ones. If you want to buy San Lung bottled, boxed wine with the beautiful and unique designs, please contact San Lung Wine Joint Stock Company. Currently, the Company is the investor of capital, technology and collector of wines for people in San Lung Hamlet, as well as the exclusive distributor of San Lung wines and information of this wine is regularly updated on website: and fanpage: San Lung Wine Joint Stock Company.


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