Half-day City Tour To Visit Sapa Town

When visitors come to Sa Pa, they hear about the magnificent view, the airy, beautiful village, Sun World Fansipan. But more than that, Sapa has its own beauty, If you have a little time or don’t know what to do when come here, I’ll advise you to visit Sapa for a half-day.

Duration: ½ day (3 hours)/

Tour schedule: Sapa Stone Church – Mau Son Temple – Sapa Market – Mat Ngoc Lake – Sapa Museum

Sapa Stone Church

Sapa Stone Church by night

The tour begins with the heart, Stone Church (a catholic church with a stone bell tower) is considered the symbol of Sapa. Located 6000m2 in the heart of the Sapa, It was built in the 2nd year of the 20th century by French colonizers. It is also known as the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary and become a suitable colocation for the traditional cultural practices of Christianity of ethnic minority groups there.

Mau Son Temple

Mau Son temple locates in center of Sapa town

Mau Son is an old temple with more than 200 years old, this temple is one of the most important spiritual sites in the Sapa. Dedicated to the Holy Mother Lieu Hanh, local people come here to pray and ask for help, for the poor and support the imperial court against foreign invaders. Lady Lieu Hanh is considered the mother of all people in Vietnam and stands extremely well revered. She represents the virtues of Confucianism and is honored by the Vietnamese as one of the four immortal saints. She was worshiped throughout the country.

Sapa Market

Sapa Market was newly built in 2015

The local market is a selling place for people here, every weekend ethnic minorities come to gather and sell their agricultural products. The market is divided into 3 zones, the first zone is the place for fresh products, the second zone is the place for local food and the final zone is the place for stuff, souvenirs, brocade,…

Mat Ngoc Lake

Mat Ngoc Lake reflects the Hoang Lien Son range

Mat Ngoc Lake is the name of Sapa Lake, this is the most convenient place to go around and enjoy the sunset, the sunrise, or the air in Sapa. Just walk around the lake, deep into the folky in the morning see the sunrise if it is the afternoon see the sunshine go down through the building.

Sapa Museum

Recreating the traditional culture of ethnic minorities

The endpoint of this tour is the Sapa Museum, A site where papers and artifacts about the history and culture of Sapa and various ethnic groups in Lao Cai province can be displayed and stored with more than 200 sample artifacts, pictures, documents,… The museum was built to resemble the architecture of the Tay people’s stilt house in Sa Pa, with two stories. The ground floor is a large open space with thematic displays and brocade souvenirs.

This is just some sites in Sapa that Laocaitourism recommends to you, this land has more than that. If you have time spent here explore more to know how local people live and work, display the minority people here with their own special culture and national.

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