Famous brocade shopping destination in Sa Pa museum

Sapa is recognized as a symbol of the imposing scenery in the northwest of Vietnam. Not only does it own the natural beauty but it also gives tourists a lot of special gifts. One of the most prominent cultural characteristics is the brocade. If you have a chance to take Sapa tours, let’s try discovering this interesting culture.

Sapa brocade culture has existed for a very long time. It is one of the traditional handicraft jobs which both domestic and foreign tourists highly appreciate the skill and quality. The genuine Sapa brocade is made by the slick hands of local women. Their skillfulness is shown through the meticulousness in every stitch, the variety of details in brocade and the harmony of colors. All of them creates a special impression on tourists and engage them in buying the brocade for gifts. Here are some recommended brocade shops in Sapa:

  1. Brocade shops in Ta Phin Village.

It is impossible to not mention Ta Phin Village when mentioning the brocade. This village is about 15 kilometers to the east of Sapa Town, in Ta Chai Hamlet, Ta Phin Commune. It is famous for the variety of brocade in both style and color. Some products such as backpack, wallet, handbag, jacket and skirt are all elaborately woven with the unique patterns of birds, grass, flowers and leaves, which attracts a lot of tourists in Sapa tours. Certainly, this brocade village is a perfect choice for you to buy the best quality and beautiful brocade as well as explore the colorful brocade world in Sapa.

  1. Luong Thuy Shop.

Located at 025 Cau May Street, Luong Thuy shop is one of the top recommended brocade shops in Sapa. It sells much more kinds of brocade products in comparison with another shop in the area. Usually, it specializes in the ethnic brocade styles from classical to modern one. In particular, people have created some unique styles mixed with the clothing styles of Kinh people, forming the beautifully distinctive brocade products in Sapa.

  1. Wild Orchid Shop.

Wild Orchid Shop is located at 029A Cau May Street. It is listed in the top of the most prestigious shops on Cau May Street and in Sapa as well. Unlike other shops selling the traditional brocade, this shop supplies a lot of brocade in modern style which makes their products more special and good looking. Therefore, a lot of customers choose to buy the brocade at this shop, especially foreign tourists in Vietnam tours. Although the price is a bit higher than other places, Wild Orchid Shop will always be a good choice for those who like the unique modern brocade in Sapa.

  1. Khanh Huyen Shop.

Khanh Huyen Shop is at 017 Xuan Vien Street, Sapa Town. In general, this shop specializes in high quality and colorful brocade clothes. Besides, it also sells some kinds of brocade utensils such as pillow, mattress, painting and so on. All of them are so eye-catching that you cannot take your eyes off them. Especially, the brocade paintings with colorful patterns characterizing the beauty of Sapa will be the best gift to give to your family and friends after your Sapa tours.

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