Sapa specialties – Top 05 Must-Eat Food In Sa Pa

Sapa is not only famous with the beautiful of scenery, cool and fresh air, but also contains the typical flavors of the Northwest. There are top 05 must-eat food dishes that anyone who comes here must definitely try, because nowhere else has that taste.

  1. Salmon salad/ Sturgeon hotpot

The temperate climate in Sa Pa has created favorable conditions for salmon and sturgeon to be successfully raised and grown here. Therefore, sturgeon, salmon meat is tough, greasy, rich in nutrients. The most special thing is when eating sturgeon bones, crispy like cartilage, very delicious and quite interesting, especially when processed into hot pot. The hot pot is hot, fragrant, served with fresh vegetables and broth made from fish bones on cold days is more wonderful than ever.

Pieces of fresh, red salmon are thinly sliced, soaked with a bit of lemon, rolled with vegetables such as galangal, ginger, green banana, carrot, mustard leaf… dotted with a little soy sauce mixed with mustard. The sweetness of the fish mixed with the acrid taste, the mild spicy taste of the accompanying vegetables will make you never forget this special taste.

Some addresses for you if you want to enjoy this dish: Sang Meo Restaurant 029 Fansipan, A Phu Restaurant 15 Fansipan, Mong Sa Pa Cuisine Restaurant 08 Xuan Vien, Ca Hoi Vua Restaurant 015 Le Van Tam.

  1. Thang Co

One of the “quintessence” that cannot fail to mention when visiting Sapa is Thang Co. With the main ingredients including meat, bones, blood and organs of horses; combined with more than 20 herbs and typical spices will bring an unforgettable experience to visitors. There is nothing more wonderful than a cold day in Sa Pa to sit by the pot of Thang Co emitting high smoke, sipping a cup of fragrant corn wine.

Address to eat delicious Thang Co in Sapa: A Phu Restaurant (15 Fansipan), Thang Co A Quynh Restaurant (15 Thach Son Street), Viet Deli Restaurant (01) Le Van Tam), A Quanh restaurant (Ngu Chi Son st)

  1. Free range pigs

The free range pigs because they are freely and feed themselves on the mountainside, the meat of the free range pig is very fragrant and firm, and is processed into many unique dishes. The most famous must mention grilled pork, taste it once without leaving attachment.

Some addresses have delicious pork armpits. A Phu Restaurant (15 Fansipan), May Quan Restaurant (57 Xuan Vien), Gia Ban Restaurant (4121 Dien Bien Phu), Sang Meo restaurant (029 Fansipan st)

  1. Sa Pa Barbecue

Along each road of Sa Pa every evening, the seductive scent of each grilled skewers invites visitors to enjoy. Grilled skewers of all colors, all ingredients from meat and vegetables. Enjoys the sweetness of meat, mixed with the sweetness of vegetables, with special spices dipped in spicy Muong Khuong chili sauce that will make you want to eat one and want to eat two.

Address to eat delicious grilled food in Sa Pa: Gia Bao Restaurant (Grilled Tile) 498 Dien Bien Phu, Tra Phuong Quan 026 Ngu Chi Son, My Nuong 442 Dien Bien Phu.

  1. Chestnut cake

Sa Pa chestnut cake is well known with tourists for its characteristic aroma, the outer shell is made of flour, the inner part is made from cooked and pureed chestnuts, adding a little sugar to create a sweet taste. light. The crust is crispy, the inside is soft, with a nutty aroma. The best cake is when eaten hot, the aroma is pleasing to the nose with the taste not too sweet, and it is fatty. The cake is fried until golden brown, with a sweet and nutty taste that will make you fall in love.

Food is an indispensable part of every trip. If you have time to traveling to Sapa, do not forget to enjoy the special dishes here so that you can enjoy the trip with friends and family to the fullest!


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