Bat Xat is promoting and developing the climbing adventure tourism

Bat Xat has many majestic mountains where always welcome those who love adventure to discover, conquer the peaks, such as: Ky Quan San peak; Nhiu Co San Peak, Lao Than Peak. In recent years, grasping the advantages in developing the climbing adventure tourism, Bat Xat is promoting and developing this climbing adventure tourism in order to attract domestic and foreign tourists to explore and conquer it.

If previously, the passion of conquering the high peaks in Bat Xat was a spontaneous form of tourists only, in recent years, especially in 2017 and 2018 with attention, investment and development of the District, this type of tourism has become a major tourist product in the district’s tourism programs. Specifically: the district has assigned survey teams including district’s leaders and representatives of related departments, sectors to survey Lao Than, Ky Quan San climbing routes. The survey teams directly examined the road, the stops on the road to the peaks, measured the height of the mountain and examined its terrain to put the signs on Lau Chan, Ky Quan San peaks accordingly for sightseeing, taking souvenir photos of tourists. Conquest programs of Lao Than or Ky Quan San peaks were organized as the mountaineering races, are one of the main activities of the 2017 Bat Xat Autumn Festival.


Bat Xat is also promoting this type of tourism via newspapers, radio, TV and related agencies to post news, articles, reportage, promotional videos on the media, websites and leaflets. Especially, as the official information, promotion and advertising agency of the province, Lao Cai Center for Tourism Information and Promotion has assisted Bat Xat in organizing, promoting the tourism associated with specific programs and events of Bat Xat district. The center has posted many news, articles, photos and videos on Bat Xat tourism including climbing adventure tourism on,, and dulichlaocai fanpage, Lao Cai tourism newsletter, etc. The beautiful tourist spots, attractive adventure climbing programs and the unique culture of Bat Xat have been attracting many domestic and foreign tourists to discover, experience it. The tourism promotion activities are also associated with the introduction of the annual Bat Xat Autumn Festival, contributing to the success of adventure tourism events such as mountain bike race, climbing race, paragliding race, etc., and it has been attracting many visitors.

Hopefully, with the promotion activities are organized basically, professionally, quality, the adventure tourism such as mountain bike race, climbing race, paragliding race etc. will become a prominent and attractive travel product, thousands of visitors will annually be attracted to get there, contribute to the overall development of tourism of Bat Xat district.


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