Y Ty Clouds Homestay – An Ideal For Stay Overnight In Y Ty

Spacious space, poetic and peaceful scenery, friendly and hospitable host… are words to describe an extremely ideal accommodation facility for visitors when coming to Y Ty.

Located about 75 km from Sa Pa, Y Ty is like a beautiful fairy still dreaming in the sleep at the middle of jungle. In recent years, the name Y Ty has gradually become familiar to tourists, as a new place with many untapped tourism potentials. Referring to Y Ty, many tourists will immediately think of the corners to sigh-seeing the sea of ​​clouds such as fairy scenes, giant mushroom houses, Thien Sinh Bridge, The Pa terraced fields… And so on, beautiful scenes are passed on to each other, and more and more tourists who love nature coming to Y Ty.

Sea of clouds in Y Ty

To meet the increasing needs of tourists, many homestay accommodation establishments have been built around the center of Y Ty commune. But perhaps the facility that is visited by a large number of tourists, and often in a state of “out of room” is a facility called Homestay Y Ty Clouds. A reliable address has certainly left an indelible impression in the hearts of many visitors.

Peach blossom in Spring

Homestay Y Ty Clouds is located in Mo Phu Chai village, about 1.5 km from the center of Y Ty commune. Homestay is built on a high hillside, the location is extremely convenient for visitors to watch the sea of ​​clouds floating, or the winding terraced fields, the high mountains. This is also a very beautiful place for visitors to enjoy the sunshine, or fall in love with the brilliant sunset dyeing a corner of Y Ty’s sky.

Golden terrace fields

Staying at Homestay Y Ty Clouds, you can stay in a self-contained room or in a dormitory room with full mattresses, blankets and hot water. In addition, the host also serves food here with many delicious dishes such as: free range chicken and pig, mushrooms, vegetables… And if you’re lucky, you can also enjoy Ha Nhi beer, a very special beer distinctive of Ha Nhi people here.

Kho Gia Gia – The traditional festival of Ha Nhi ethnic

And many other interesting things are waiting for visitors in Y Ty and Homestay Y Ty Clouds. Please save the information of this property for your upcoming trip: Mr. Ly Xa Xuy, phone: 0961765431, FB: https://www.facebook.com/ytycloudshomestay.

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