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Who is planning to travel to Sapa and experience Fansipan cable car? Do you have a pocket guide for a great trip? Sapa is more amazing with Fansipan cable car Opened and opened in February 2016, Fansipan cable car has been welcoming a lot of domestic and foreign tourists. Many people are very eager to go to Sapa with the desire to experience the wonderful things of Fansipan cable car. What did the people on Fansipan cable car say about the special cable car system with these two Guinness world records?

Fansipan cable car promises to make many tourists desire to come to Sapa more

Some experience when going to Fansipan cable car

Buy Fansipan cable car tickets

Tickets can be purchased directly at the cable car station or at the Information and Tourism Promotion Center of Lao Cai fares have been posted publicly. The fare from 1/1/2020 for adults and children over 1m4 is 750,000 VND / ticket. Children 1m – 1m4 high is 550,000 VND / ticket. Children under 1m are free. The cable car ticket is a round-trip ticket for both return and return, and is a magnetic card so after you buy the ticket and use it on the first leg, you must take care of it because the return ticket will be withdrawn.

Please also note that cable car tickets are only valid for the day, so you should not buy tickets in advance if you do not have time to go to Fansipan that day. All hotels in Sapa support cable car tickets, you can easily buy there when you have decided to take the cable car.

Traveling from Sapa town to Fansipan cable car station

Fansipan Cable Car Station is located in Fansipan Legend Tourist Area located about 3km from Stone Church – Sapa Town Center. You can take a taxi or walk to the cable car station. The price for a taxi is about 50,000 – 100,000 VND, the time is about 10 minutes. If walking takes about 30 minutes, you go from Stone Church along Thac Bac Street to Thac Bac T-junction, Nguyen Chi Thanh (about 1km) and turn left into Nguyen Chi Thanh Street, go straight to Fansipan Legend Tourist Area (about 1.7 km). There are road signs so you can easily get to the station without having to find your way or ask for directions.

In addition, from March 2018, visitors will have an additional option to take a Muong Hoa mountain train connecting Sapa town with Fansipan cable car station.

Starting from MGallery Hotel in Sapa town and ending at the Fansipan cable car station area, the train goes through 2 tunnels and 4 viaducts with a maximum speed of 10 m / s, the capacity reaches 2,000 passengers / hour. The Muong Hoa mountain-climbing train will be put into operation to shorten the travel time to 4 minutes instead of 15-20 minutes by taxi.

Ticket price for climbing train is 2-way 100,000 VND / ticket, buy tickets and take the train at MGallery Hotel – Sapa Town Center. With a total length of approximately 2 km, this is one of the longest mountain train routes in Vietnam.

Journey by cable car

Each cable car cabin has a capacity of 30-35 people, transport capacity of the whole system is about 2000 guests / hour. Sapa station starts in Muong Hoa valley, the arrival station is a high point of 3000 meters very close to Mount Fansipan. The difference of the two stations is more than 1400 meters. The cable car journey is 15 minutes instead of climbing two to four days as before.

A cable car compartment can accommodate a maximum of 30-35 passengers.

The 15-minute journey is not too long but it is enough for visitors to admire the beautiful natural scenery at an altitude of thousands of meters. That is the dense primeval Hoang Lien Son forest, the poetic Muong Hoa valley, the panoramic and majestic Hoang Lien Son range …

Tourists can admire the nature of Hoang Lien Son mountain range from the cable car

The higher you go, the more clouds will get, the temperature will drop, and if the wind can take the cable swing a little, don’t be afraid of just a small test of courage!

Wear comfortable and comfortable sneakers because you will have to climb about 600 more steps to reach the top of the mountain

After stopping at the arrival station, visitors will take about 20 – 30 minutes to climb 600 steps to reach Fansipang Mountain, touch the landmark marked the roof of Indochina.

Indochina roof is no longer a distant dream for many people like before since Fansipan cable car was born

In addition to Fansipan Peak, on the way you can also visit other beautiful scenes located in Fansipan Legend area such as Bamboo Garden, Bao An Thien Tu, Bich Van Thien Tu, restaurants, shopping, … You need to spend half a day to come to one day in your Sapa trip to have time to enjoy this whole of Fansipan Legend.

Notes on Fansipan cable car

A few notes before boarding the cable car that you need to remember:

– Bring ID / Passport / Birth certificate when using discount / preferential tickets by household registration /

– Bring light snacks, drinks or some favorite foods to avoid being hungry or thirsty because mountain food and services are quite expensive

– Do not bring too much furniture or bulky items because the management will not allow you to enter the cable car cabin

– Clothes neatly, warm enough for climbing, can be removed easily if it is hot. Whether going in the morning or at noon, remember to bring extra gloves, towels, warm hats because at the top the temperature is only about 8 degrees Celsius only.

– When on the way to climb, you should remember to go and rest not too hard because the distance between the steps is quite high and steep. The air at an altitude of nearly 300 meters should be quite thin, you have to go slowly or it will decrease blood pressure, difficulty breathing.

– When climbing, absolutely do not smoke because it is easy to cause forest fires

– Do not litter indiscriminately on the way because you will affect the landscape of the surrounding environment.

The journey to conquer Fansipan peak is now easy and has many new experiences for those who wish to discover the wonderful feeling on the roof of Indochina.

Hopefully, with the above sharing, you will have certain information for your trip to Sapa – climbing your Fansipan peak in the near future.

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