The new attractive check-in places in Sapa

Sapa recently added some new check-in places that fascinate travelers. Let’s explore together!

1. Secret Garden Homestay Sapa

Secret Garden Sapa is a new and attractive name for you. With the investment in context and nature, Secret Garden Sapa is the ideal check-in location for those who like to mingle with nature. What is more interesting than being immersed in the morning mist with fresh air, feeling peaceful in the sky.

Secret Garden Sapa is located at 56 Violet Street, near Sapa center, traveling by taxi or motorbike only takes 5 minutes. Here includes homestay, check-in area into romantic natural scenery, creating a secret garden attractive to visitors. In addition, to Secret Garden Homestay in Sapa, you can book barbecue or campfire, team building with friends and relatives.

Stepping into Secret Garden, you will be overwhelmed and fascinated by the majestic mountains, terraced fields in the mist …

The most outstanding here is probably the infinity pool, bubble house, lonely tree, overhead bed, swimming pool, infinity swing, cleverly and elaborate Mediterranean style cafe, …

If you have the opportunity to visit Sapa, do not miss this extremely attractive Sapa Secret Garden

2. Sapa Dream Rose Garden

Sapa Dream Rose Garden is located 8km from the center of Sapa town in the direction of the cable car, silver waterfall, and love waterfall. Located next to Oolong tea fields, it is a great place to see the majestic Fansipan peak.

Visiting Sapa Dream Rose Garden, you can not only see more than 100 species of roses, ancient roses about 40 years old, colorful flowers; but also enjoy sapa specialties, admire the majestic natural landscape, take care of the hands as well as see the native flowers of Sapa. In addition, you will also be able to interrupt Sapa fruits to bring as gifts.

3. Swing Sapa

The next place on this list is Swing Sapa. Located at 87 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Sapa, Lao Cai, Swing Sapa gives you a whole new experience. Although it is in the process of finishing, this place also attracts many tourists to visit.

Located amidst the majestic natural scenery, Swing Sapa has many corners that you just need to stand in to have a beautiful picture, from the giant hand, the buddha statue to the cafe overlooking the mountain town. See the mountains  hidden in the clouds to feel the peace.

Still simple, wild and majestic, but Swing Sapa never boring when always “refreshing” themselves and gives visitors different emotions every time they arrive.

Do not hesitate any more, let’s vistit Sapa with relatives and friends soon!


                                                                                                                    Photos and written by Phuong Chi

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