The tourism product: Recreate Sapa Love Market in 2023

Sa Pa Love Market is an experiential tourism product bearing the traditional cultural colors of the Sa Pa ethnic groups. The program will take place on July 21-23, 2023 at Lao Cai Tourism Information Promotion Center No. 02 Fansipan, Sa Pa.

Love market has the participation of artisans, artists and Sa Pa ethnic people in traditional national costumes, carrying production tools, living tools and traditional musical instruments…

Traditional musical instrument of Tay ethnic people in Sa Pa

Combining appropriate lighting effects, the space recreates authentic art associated with daily life, traditional games, and cuisine of the Sa Pa highlanders.

Re-enactment of the ceremony to welcome the bride to her husband’s house of the Red Dao ethnic group in Sapa

The content of the program includes art performances according to the emotional level of friendship, intimacy, love, husband and wife, suffering – loneliness when separated and human love at the market. love Sapa. The scenes are recreated such as “Saturday afternoon mood”, “Going to market”, “Sapa night market”, “Where love begins”, “Where love begins”,  “Dating”, the custom of “Pulling a wife” and “Happiness”.

The custom of “Pulling a wife” home after the girl’s consent of the H’Mong Sa Pa ethnic group

Visitors to Sa Pa will also experience Thang Co, a Northwest specialty dish from horse meat. Visiting the booth of the corn wine production area as well as learn about the winemaking process of the highland people. Besides, the market also has stalls displaying local handicraft products and specialties of Sapa and Lao Cai. Tourists coming to the market can visit and buy products as gifts.

Cooking traditional corn wine

If you have the opportunity to visit Sa Pa at this time, do not miss the opportunity to visit Sapa Love Market. Surely Sapa Love Market in 2023 will have a lot of interesting things waiting for you.

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