Amazing trekking routes when travelling to Bac Ha

Bac Ha is one of the busiest destinations for domestic and foreign tourists in the Northwest. When visiting Bac Ha, don’t miss the splendid trekking routes here.

1. Hoang A Tuong Palace – Ban Pho – Hoang Thu Pho village

This is one of the most interesting treck in Bac Ha which is always extensively praised by trekkers. With the total length of 12km from Hoang A Tuong palace, crossing to Ban Pho and Hoang Thu Pho village, you will see the most beautiful village of Flower Mong ethnic in Bac Ha. About 3 km from the center, tourists can enjoy the stunning scenery of the village with houses scattered from the middle of the mountan in the valley with green valley of corn and rice. In Spring, visitors can also admire the plum gardens with blooming white flowers – a beautiful white highland in the Northwest of Viet Nam.

Coming to Hoang Thu Pho village, you will have a wonderful opportunity to see the grand majestic natural scenery of  mountains. Terraced fields embracing the ridge in rice harvesting season and water pouring season make the place gleam like a poetic painting.


          2. Hoang A Tuong Palace- Ban Lien village

Ban Lien is far from Hoang A Tuong place about 28km, this is one of the best route is always recommended by the trekkers when come to Bac Ha. Because of enjoying the beauty of terraced fields, the largest tea hill in Bac Ha, with the green spreading all over this beautifl area in the beauty of primeval forests. Upon travelling across Ban Pho – Hoang Thu Pho village you will see a peaceful village of Mong ethnic. Ban Lien is the beauty village of Tay ethnic with the stilt houses that will be bring a special feeling for tourists. Espcially, when tourists decide to have a new experience for staying in Tay people’s homestays.

Photos: Lam Thang


3. Hoang A Tuong palace – Thai Giang Pho village

This route is not as long as Lien Hamlet or Hoang Thu Pho, only about 2-3 km from Hoang A Tuong palace, but this is still a great way to go trekking on cool autumn days for the easiest choice. There are a lot of charming scenery of shiny golden rice fields or colorful valleys of flowers, peaceful villages… . Being quite short and easy to travel, the route is a recommendable choice for the first and small trekking in Bac Ha.

Photos: Lam Thang

4. Hoang A Tuong palace – Lung Phinh – Ta Van Chu village

Another interesting trail in Bac Ha,  Lung Phinh and Ta Van Chu villages attract tourists by the beautiful scenery of the mountain, rice fields and fresh air. you can explore traditional culture of Mong ethnic, visiting Thien Long cave in Ta Van Chu Commune it is more amazing when you can get the chance to see colorful flowers by your trails.


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