Immerses Itself In The Cultural Identity Of Ethnic Groups in Bat Xat

Bat Xat tourism attracts tourists not only its natural scenery, fresh air but also attractive by the unique culture of 14 ethnic groups.

If saying that Bat Xat tourism is developed thanks to wonderful natural landscape, cool and fresh climate is not enough, because of the most attractive part of this land is the people here with the cultural features Unique and unique indigenous people make a difference with other lands. If you want to have a good feeling with fresh air and discover the unique culture of people in the hight land, Bat Xat is an attractive address. Because of traditional cultural identity of the people here is almost intact.

“Cap Sac” ceremony of Dao people  Photo: Ngoc Thanh

          When you go to Bat Xat in the Spring, you will be immersed in traditional festivals. Each festival has its own unique characteristics, bringing to you special feelings. Coming to the village of Dao people, you will be able to attend the Put Tong festival, also known as Fire Dance. This is an ancestor’s memorial service, begging for a new year with lucky, healthy, good rain and abundant crops. The most attractive thing in this festival is the boys are given the same strength, even with bare feet Jump on a pile of embers but don’t burn. The mystery of the ritual will certainly make you unable to take your eyes off. Dao people also have many unique cultural features such as Cap Sac ceremony, Khoi Kien ceremony … The mixture of religion and Buddhism in Dao’s folk beliefs creates the mystery in rituals. This is one of the best attraction of Dao people for tourists.

Fire jumping (Put Tong) Festival; Photo: Phan Phuong


Farewell to the village of Dao people, we can go to visite the village of Ha Nhi people, you will be able to attend the sacred of Ga Ma Do ceremony – the forest worshiping ceremony at the beginning of a new year. Ceremonies are held on the first dragon day of January every year. This is an ancient custom, which has a positive meaning to protect the forest. The quietness, tranquility of the forest, the reverence of the people will feel extremely sacred to the sensei. Coming to the village of Giay minority, you will be immersed in the vibrant space of Roong Pooc festival. This is a belief activity for abundant crops, good health, good plants, abundant crops, and a warm life.

In the summer, traveling to Bat Xat you will also discover the Kho Gia Gia festival of Ha Nhi people. This is the oldest and largest seasonal festival of Ha Nhi people, it held in 5 days from the day of dragon to the day of monkey in the sixth month of lunar year. The festival is an expression of special belief in the gods in the worship of agricultural gods.

Bat Xat tourism is not only attractive with traditional festivals, visitors are also interested in the products of the unique traditional crafts of the compatriots. Silver products of Red Dao people in Amaranth, basket products, rattan tray of Ha Nhi people, or with San Lung wine of Red Dao people in Ban Xeo always attract tourists by the unique taste of the forest. These are all attractive gifts that tourists often buy as gifts for relatives.

If festivals and traditional occupations are the attraction for tourists coming to Bat Xat, the village landscape, the architecture of houses and the customs of the ethnic groups here are evaluated as the highlight in this journey. Among of them, the most prominent is the village of Ha Nhi people with land houses in Y Ty. The houses are mushroom-shaped, scattered on the mountainside, interspersed with terraced fields creating strange beauty. Especially in the Fall, the golden rice fields surrounding the village are more attractive. Guests will be extremely excited to be staying at these unique houses to eat, stay together, work together and explore the unique culture of the people here. If you travel to Bat Xat, do not miss the opportunity to stay at the homestay here. In Bat Xat you can find homestays of Mong people, Ha Nhi people in Y Ty commune or homestay of Giay people in Muong Hum.

Mushroom house (Trinh Tuong house) of Ha Nhi minority in Y Ty – Bat Xat

Photo: Hung Manh

          With diverse cultural features of 14 ethnic groups, Bat Xat has attractive tourist products, different from other localities. Each nation is a different cultural treasure, with beliefs, rituals, customs and unique traditional craft. Cultural specialties of ethnic groups in Bat Xat are preserved almost intact, less affected by foreign elements. It is these things that make a difference that attracts Bat Xat tourists. Try to come to Bat Xat once, not only the wonderful nature but you will feel like you are immersed in the unique cultural treasure of the ethnic groups.

Translated by: To Uyen

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