Eagerly Sighseeing Sa Pa In Autumn – The Season Of Rice Harvesting

Every year when autumn is collected in mid-August to September, the green fields are turning to yellow color, the color of warmth and fullness. That is the time when tourists from all over the world flock to Sa Pa to discover and save these beautiful golden season photos that only come once a year.

Photo: The ripe rice season is coming back to romantic and peaceful Sapa.

If the terraced fields are the crystallization of indigenous farming knowledge and embody the natural lifestyle of the indigenous people of Sa Pa. Then the ripe rice season is the result of that crystallization. Whether standing from afar or coming close to touch the rice. Whether it’s just a touch of the eyes or watching the rice fall from green to yellow day by day, that beauty still does not fade, but is filled with love and nostalgia.

Photo: Ripe rice in Y Linh Ho village

Autumn is probably the most beautiful season in the highlands of Sapa. Starting from the end of August, you can go to Sapa to see the terraced fields begin turn to yellow color and the aroma of ripe rice. Visitors coming at this time not only enjoy the cool weather, but also admire the wonderful autumn picture with blue sky, white clouds, golden sunshine and endless rice fields is maturing.

Photo: Tourists enjoy taking pictures with the golden rice season in Sapa.

Beautiful places you can see golden rice fields in Sa Pa: Muong Hoa valley, Cat Cat village, Y Linh Ho village, Ta Van village, Lao Chai village, Ta Phin village, Nam Cang village… where the most beautiful terraced fields in Sapa.

Somewhere there is a sadness when the epidemic is still raging, making this year’s golden rice season less bustling of tourists, young people who love to explore and experience. Just hope that after the epidemic is over, we can enjoy the peaceful, familiar but not boring scenes together… If you have the opportunity, don’t miss to coming to Sapa in the rice harvesting season!

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